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Dialect Levelling: Comparative Analysis Of Case Studies

Dialects are different varieties of language that differ from other varieties lexically, grammatically and geographically. The phenomenon of dialect levelling can be defined as the reduction in the number of dialects. Over the past 200 years English dialects have rapidly changed due to factors such as urbanisation and increased geographical and social movements. People’s original...
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Comparing Singapore English (SGE) Dialect & Standard English Dialect

Introduction Singaporean English (SgE) has rapidly become a topic of discussion amongst linguists and anyone who studies language due to a distinct difference. Though the total population as of 2019 Mid-Year estimates to 5.7 million, only 3.5 million are Singapore Citizens, which amount up to 61.38% (SingStat, n.d.). When Singapore gained independence in 1965, the...
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The Cajun Dialect: Main Characteristics

Cajun Vernacular English is a dialect with a rich history, found in southern Louisiana. It is heavily influenced by the French language, as its original speakers were French settlers. This group originally comes from Vendee, a region of western France. Settlers from this region traveled to Acadie, which has since become Nova Scotia (From Acadian...
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