Essays on Dictatorship

Development Through Dictatorship

A Focus on the Economic Reforms of Park Chung-hee Looking at Korea today, it is hard to imagine a time where they were not at the forefront of economic prosperity and innovation. However, following the conclusion of the Korean War, it possessed virtually no industry and was rife with political, and economic crisis. This would...
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Difference Between Autocracy And Dictatorship

When we talk about the best administration that thinks about their subjects and their well-being, only one thing comes to our mind – democracy. But, in the bloody history of our world, there have been leaders who were downright tough with their people. All they cared about is ruling the land. These kinds of leaders...
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Dictatorship And Forms Of Government

What is Dictatorship: ‘Dictatorship’ originated from a Latin word ‘tyrant’ which means a ruler who is unconstrained by the law. In this way, autocracy is a type of administration in which the ruler is a flat out tyrant who isn’t limited by a constitution, laws or restriction. Autocracy is portrayed by a solitary head or...
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