Difference Between Autocracy And Dictatorship

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When we talk about the best administration that thinks about their subjects and their well-being, only one thing comes to our mind – democracy. But, in the bloody history of our world, there have been leaders who were downright tough with their people. All they cared about is ruling the land. These kinds of leaders were bifurcated into two main categories dictators and autocrats. One may wonder – What is the difference between autocracy and dictatorship?

Both the type of governmental system has almost similar nature. When you don’t care about what your people think or what happens to them and all you care about is ruling them alone or with a group, it is called dictatorship.

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On the other hand, you are an autocrat when you have the whole power in your hand. You don’t budge to any laws or opposition parties of the land.

In this article, you are sure to learn what these two types of leaders and the difference between autocracy and dictatorship.

Definition of Autocracy

When any given state or country is headed by a solo ruler who chooses the right option, settlement, resolves for their subjects is this type of rule. This person doesn’t listen or acknowledge to anyone. This is the definition of autocracy and whoever involved is known as an autocrat.

This person has the complete hold of the legal and political situation of their nation. This means that if there comes a day when a decision has to be made for any emergencies, an autocrat listens only to his judgment and not to any of his followers or influencers.

In case of this type of rule, the monocrat doesn’t have to answer to an opposing party because there is none. For this reason, most of the time there are no riots in the nation. In addition to this point, a monocrat has one thing in mind – they never make a decision that could end up hurting their people.

If you still want to understand better, then look at our present-day leader, Kim Jong-un of North Korea. He is the best example of how a monocrat runs his land and explains what autocracy is.

Definition of Dictatorship

When we talk about this type of rule, you can see a lot of riots spread across every nation’s corner. There are so many subjects to oppose the ruler. We can easily say that the definition of dictatorship can be quite similar to its counterpart.

Here, a responsible solo person heads the citizens and their nation. They make sure to use every ounce of strength they have in their body to oppress the opposition. For this reason, dictatorship is always a violent sort of rule.

The person who holds all the strings in their hand is known as a dictator. One of the best classic examples of this sort of regulator who can explain you better is Adolf Hitler.

Autocracy Vs Dictatorship Comparison

  • Basis: Autocracy Vs Dictatorship
  • Type: Peaceful Vs Violent
  • Ruler: Autocrat Vs Democrat
  • Example: Kim Jong-un Vs Adolf Hitler

Conclusion of Main Difference Between Autocracy and Dictatorship

Our world has been ruled by a variety of rulers. Whether it is a monarch or chieftain, every ruler has one thing in common, they worry about their subjects. If their subjects suffer poverty, it is looked into immediately. If their subjects are going through a tough time treating a deadly disease, then the king is going to worry and talk to the best medical experts in town and bring them together to find the suitable cure for the spreading dread.

However, we cannot say the same thing goes on in the city which is ruled by an autocrat or a democrat. These individuals are selfish to the core. All they think about is themselves. The only difference is an autocrat thinks about the betterment of their subjects. For this reason, there are fewer riots breaking out in their city. While in a democratic city, you will see riots breaking out now and then.

Another thing you can notice in a dictator-ruled region is that they don’t bend their knee to any opposition. They have absolute control over their crowd. While in its counterpart, the ruler simply doesn’t bend to any law.

This is the simple autocracy vs dictatorship article for you to understand the difference in the easiest way possible.


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