Different Levels Of A Friendship

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The first relationship we have is with our parents and siblings. And with good parenting, trust and love are embedded in a person. This becomes evident as we go out into the world and relate with other people.

We also develop relationships with our peers. Through our interactions and playing together, we learn to communicate and coexist with our peer group. But as we grow older, we develop closeness to certain people we meet in our life’s journey. These are the people we call **FRIENDS**

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Friends are of different levels, we have;

Clique Of Friends

As we journey through life, having a clique or group of friends is important because you get to grow, learn things and relate experiences together. Your parents may not fully understand what you’re going through, but your friends will always relate because they are experiencing same things. A group of good friends will always fight and stand by you when you get into trouble. They are the ones who will correct you when you do wrong, even if it you get pissed. These friends would make you a better person, care about you and wish the very best for you. If your clique of friends constantly gets you into trouble, then they are not real friends.

Social Media Friends

Although Social Media can be a dangerous place, it can also be a beautiful place to reach out to anyone from anywhere in the world at any time. From the different social media channels, even the blockchain, we have the opportunity to communicate with people we’ve never met in real life. There are amazing people you get to meet on the internet, and they become your friends. And these friends can make a huge impact in your life, that you’ll be grateful you found them. And they’ll help you reach the height you never expected.

Your Best Friend

In life, there will always be that special one you trust and care for the most. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve romantic feelings for that person, although best friends do end up falling in love with each other. Your best friend is that one person who listens to your problems and makes sacrifices for you. He or she is your shoulder to lean and cry on. This is someone that believes in you and will stand by you come rain, come shine. And your well-being is important to him or her. It is rare to find a loyal friend like that. So if you have one, value him or her and be a good friend as well.

Friends With A Lasting Bond

There are times good friends are separated for years due to a change of location, but when they meet again, the closeness remains intact. Even though they get busy with their own families, love life, or career, a reunion can always rekindle all the happy memories. Also, romantic relationships built from friendship last longer than romantic relationships without a friendship. There is a deeper sense of acceptance and understanding that comes with friendship. A couple can hold on to their friendship when love fails, and this can help save their relationship.

Being a good friend does not mean you have to sacrifice an eye or limb to prove your loyalty. You may not always understand what your friend is passing through. You ain’t a supernatural being with superpowers to make all their problems go away. But the amazing thing about being a good friend is that you’re always there when needed. And having a friend by your side during the lowest point of your life is very important. This is the essence and true value of friendship, so cherish and value the friends in your life.


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