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So a man by the name of Lev Vgotsky once had a theory about socio-culture. He believes it’s important to understand the child’s skills. This shows the importance to the child because we can understand what they might need help on and we can know what they are good at. This is why educational philosophy should be important because we may never know if we are using the right methods to help out a student or a child.

So why do we need to know the importance of education philosophy? One of the main reasons we need to know this information is so we can understand the child’s strength. This goes back to Lev Vgotsky which is his theory. He believes the parents are the ones responsible for making the children being influenced by them, so they are impacted by them. One child may be eager to learn while the other child may not this is due to their family, and by the way, we also need to know the child’s family background to understand if the child will do work and or not do work. It would not be a good thing to not understand the child’s background since most of the students will be lacking the ability to do anything in school. So, this is one of the reasons I think education philosophy is important to kids because we have people Lev who came up with this theory that can help us understand the child, so we know that if he’s lacking the ability or if he or she is not.

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Another reason education philosophy is important comes from Maria Montessori and John Dewey. Dewey believed that the student must learn from using their environment in order to adapt and learn and Maria believed in using activities and such to guide the student to do good. They are somewhat similar in such a way not because they are philosophers because they thought in somewhat the same way. Both helped the student to do well. Dewey helped the student contribute to society with their experiences in their community. Maria helped her students by managing them to do stuff independently. How Maria’s method was good was because not everyone is gonna be there for you in your life so this helped the student to do a lot of things independently because this gave them an early start to do work on their own. Dewey’s theory was successful because it helped his students become really good people by using the environment around them and helped them contribute to society.

So all in all, these people make education philosophy important because without their theories our schools would be a mess. It’s good that we use these philosophers because of their achievements and how they helped out our education system to do good and to help out students. I think we should be studying more into this in our classes because we often forget how we got here and how was it important.  


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