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Targeted Killings Using Drone Warfare in the USA: Issues of Self-Defence

Introduction Targeted killings using drone warfare has been prevalent in military operations across the globe for over two decades. Drones ‘are also known as Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)’. Coyne describes drones are ‘aircraft controlled remotely or autonomously via computer without a human pilot’. Rhode explains the effects of drones as...
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Camera Techniques In Whale Rider

Several types of camera shots and angles are used in the film. There may not be a deeper intention behind the choice of every shot, but multiple techniques indicate the status of symbols, figures, or nature. Some shots determine the size of a subject in its environment, and subjects can be displayed from different angles....

Kurosawa’s Moving Camera In Rashomon

Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, which adopted the constantly changing camera movement mode, is one of the films that have the greatest impact on the development of tracking shots. The excellent zooming shots through the forest taken by Kurosawa may be the most amazing technological achievements of this film. It has to say that the scenes of...

Cell Phones: Negative Impact On Human Health

Cell Phones 4.68 billion. This is the number of people at risk for getting cancer. On March 28, 2018, the scientific peer review of a landmark United States government study concluded that there is clear evidence that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer. To some people, cell phones are essential items. According to Jade Zamora,...
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Understanding Mobile Phone Usage

Recently news came out in “brain in the news” unveiled the present status of youngsters in terms of their mobile usage. To the added depth of this topic, they included a series of recent studies related to mobile phones and concluded that youngsters are addicted to the phone to a great extent and most of...
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Use Of Remote Field Cameras For Reliable Assessment Of Animal Populations

Reliable assessment of animal populations is a long-standing challenge in wildlife ecology. Technological advances have led to the widespread adoption of many different techniques used to monitor wildlife populations, and a wide variety of field and analytical approaches have been developed and refined (Burton et al. 2015; Caravaggi et al. 2017). The use of remote...
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The History Of Mobile Phone

As a young man, it is lucky to be living in this era of high technology. Throughout the history of humanity, the rapid development of the present, science and technology have brought us many changes. The industrial revolution has promoted human and social progress. Living in such an era of information explosion, we enjoy the...
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Engineering Management: Microsoft Zune Versus Apple iPod

Company Introduction: Microsoft is an American company that manufactures and sell different computer software’s, personal computers and different consumer electronics. Its headquarters is in Redmond, Washington and it is a multinational IT company. In 4th April 1975 Microsoft was established and their owners were Bill Gates and Paul Allen. In 2018 Microsoft was ranked at...
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