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The development of economy and the progress of society have greatly promoted the development of the information age. With the development of the information age, people have entered the era of digital economy. People’s life, study and work are inextricably linked with it. However, in our daily life, online shopping is the most closely linked with it. With the development of digital economy and the help of network media, consumers have better consumption experience. It can be seen that online shopping is closely related to the digital economy.


The so-called digital economy, according to the encyclopedia is as an economic concept, digital economy is an economic form in which human beings can identify, select, filter, store and use big data (digital knowledge and information), guide and realize the rapid optimal allocation and regeneration of resources, and achieve high-quality economic development ( That is to say, in real life, according to people’s behaviour data, the collection and research by special person, and the authenticity and usefulness of the data after comprehensive consideration to the collection, in the support of big data, optimize all aspects of people’s life. For example, Google and other search software keep the user’s search records, so as to push the user’s favourite advertisements and news on the search interface. With the improvement of human science and technology, big data technology and cloud computing technology have realized the organic integration, and the change brought to human society is the booming development of the Internet of things. With the assistance and promotion of the Internet of things technology, the data information volume has realized an eye-popping leap growth compared with the previous. In order to deal with the massive data information and realize the efficient processing of the massive data information, the concept of ‘big data’ arises at the historic moment, which brings about that the data information becomes a strategic asset that cannot be ignored. From the perspective of national development strategy, the us government regards big data as the ‘new oil of the future’ and calls it the indispensable key asset of a country. From this point of view, big data is of inestimable strategic value to a country and a nation. For data and information resources, their status is like the indispensable land and labour force in the development of agricultural society, and the capital and technology unavailable in the development of industrial society. From the perspective of national strategic development, data information resources are increasingly becoming the key node for the country to realize innovative development. (wang ou’s paper)Online shopping is the most convenient way for people to live on the big data,It is to search the product information through the Internet, send out the purchase request through the electronic purchase order, fill in the number of the personal check account or credit card, the manufacturer sends the goods by mail order, or through the express company delivers to the door. Online shopping in China, the general payment method is money to the delivery (baidu encyclopedia).

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In the era of digital economy, China has grasped the pulse of the Internet, and people around the world have witnessed great changes in China’s economy and society. By the end of June 2008, China had 253 million Internet users, ranking first in the world for the first time. As of June 30, 2018, China had 802 million Internet users and 57.7 per cent Internet penetration. Chinese Internet companies are starting with imitation and exploring local lifestyles. Three listed companies, tencent, alibaba and baidu, are among the world’s top 10 Internet companies. The digital economy, represented by e-commerce, reached 27.2 trillion yuan in 2017, accounting for 32.9 per cent of GDP. It has become a new form, new space and new driving force for China’s economic development. Powerful data makes us realize the application of data in real life. (forget the source)In 2016, the transaction scale of online shopping market has reached 470 million yuan, up 23.9% compared with 2015. And is expected to easily break through the 500 million yuan mark in 2017, to 560 million yuan; The report also points out that social consumer goods account for 15.5% of total consumer goods in online shopping (zhiyan consulting group, 2017). In addition, according to the statistical report of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on the development of China’s Internet Network, by June 2017, the number of online shopping users in China had reached 514 million, an increase of 10.2%, compared with the end of 2016. It has accounted for 37.25% of the total population of China. It can be seen that online shopping has penetrated into people’s lives (CNNIC, 2017). In addition, CNNIC’s annual report also mentioned that as of June 2017, the number of Internet users in China had reached 751 million, while the Internet penetration rate was only 54.3%. It can be seen that China’s online shopping market not only has a huge user base, but also a large number of potential users, and these potential users can provide a strong impetus for the rapid growth of online consumption such as online shopping (CNNIC, 2017). (third paper)Alibaba company in China is one of the most famous Internet shopping company, founded in 2003 and build to electronic commerce circle, merged with taobao, in September 2008 in China, there are more than one million small and medium-sized websites to create a more than 80% of all Internet traffic, alibaba to help the small and medium-sized websites their online advertising sales and cash resources, and a breakthrough in 2004, in 2005 began to surpass rivals, its every product launch is enough to make the industry stare, and its execution ability and market development ability make it every business story become feasible and dazzling. In 2006, it became the largest shopping website in Asia. In 2007, the annual transaction volume exceeded 40 billion yuan, making it the largest online retail business in Asia. This is the development history of the most famous shopping website in China, taobao. Mention to online shopping will have to mention the real shopping, before the invention of the Internet shopping traditionally come down according to the way of face to face transactions, in daily life, consumers want to buy a product, you first need to achieve product in the market, then to select the right product, and then spend a lot of time and experience in different market to choose their favourite products finally, finally and sellers pay again to finalize the price. In my description, you can already see the biggest difference between online shopping and real shopping, that is, face to face, online shopping has broken the way of shopping handed down from generation to generation, and in the era of big data development, seize the advantage of big data, combined with the development of the Internet, the development of online shopping. In online shopping, the platform makes use of consumers’ data to not only provide useful product recommendations for different consumers, but also efficiently and reasonably make use of data statistics to bring consumers more intuitive consumption experience. For example, before consumers place an order, they can clearly know the sales volume of products and consumers’ comments on products. This is an example of how the digital economy works in People’s Daily lives.


As has been mentioned above, the biggest progress of online shopping is to break face-to-face transaction. With the help of online media, it is possible to shop without leaving home. Its main feature is that buyers and sellers cannot see each other, but they can realize transaction activities. With the help of the Internet, consumers browse the product information in front of the screen and pay by credit card, third-party payment or cash on delivery. There are five main differences between online shopping and real shopping: first, online shopping is more convenient, 24 hours a day can be unlimited network to choose their favourite goods, and the type of goods compared with the real shopping more importantly, more time than real shopping online shopping will be cheaper. Secondly, since online shopping is conducted in a virtual network, it saves a lot of awkward communication between buyers and sellers, making the communication on the computer screen more convenient. Thirdly, due to the efficient and reasonable use of data in online shopping, consumers can more intuitively see the consumption record and the popularity of products, so as to more objectively choose commodities, so as to improve consumers’ goodwill and promote the development of online shopping, which is a virtuous circle. Fourth, because the suppliers of online shopping come from all over the country, the middlemen are less likely to earn the difference, so the products purchased online will be cheaper than the real ones. Fifth, the development of online shopping has also helped a lot of people who are not convenient to go out shopping. Therefore, online shopping is the most intuitive digital economy experience in the real life around us.


Shopping online has the following five advantages: first, it saves time and energy. Instead of going to a crowded mall, you simply move your mouse around your home to find the items you want. Second, in order to save money, consumers do not need to rent expensive real stores for online marketing, nor do they need to store a large number of goods, so by contrast, running real stores will reduce the cost of products, thus helping consumers save money. Third, the payment method is more secure, do not want to take a lot of cash in real life to go with the risk of loss, in the network shopping, we can use the network bank, directly use the bank card to pay, with the development of the network shopping, the network bank is more healthy and safe, consumer’s consumption security. Fourth, never leave home can receive the goods, it is developed the network shopping, the express industry, along with the development of the era, Courier can do it, the day arrived, accurate to home, and so on are very convenient service, more and more convenience to consumers, shortened compared with reality, the network shopping shopping waiting time long shortcomings. Fifth, with the development of online shopping, it increases the demand for express delivery services and personnel in some industries, thus reducing people’s unemployment rate and, to a certain extent, providing jobs for people, because of the low-cost business model of online shopping. This is the advantage of using big data to develop online shopping.


Online shopping is a good use of digital economy to develop the industry, so everything has two sides, so online shopping in the use of the advantages of digital economy development, also has disadvantages. There are four points about the disadvantages of online shopping in taking advantage of the development of digital economy. Because the network shopping is virtual trading, so consumers can only through the pictures or video to limited understanding of the quality of the products, in spite of the consumers and consumption record to help consumers to choose, but in the era of data, data can be fabricated and merchants to sales, for instance, even buy false records of consumers, so that innocent consumer spending. Second, the material object is different from the propaganda. For example, when buying clothes, the seller in order to achieve sales and will not only find a slim models in a professional studio shooting product figure, but also special figure team to trim photos please, so present clothes photos in front of consumers on the Internet is the photos after finishing, prompting consumers to purchase, so after in consumer products, is different from the physical product, resulting in a bad consumption experience. Third, there is no complete after-sales system. Because I am the development of online shopping, so that a large number of low-cost small business shop to start business, so I do not want to large companies for the shop sold products have a sound after-sales service, so it will lead to the consumer products after the sale of the management of the embarrassing situation. Fourth, telecom fraud. This fraud was conducted according to the special group of fraud, for example, sneakers on sale, there will be a special temporary store, specifically for people like shoe business fraud, for consumers to pay the deposit, which promises to customers after the shoe release priority to them, but often the last these online stores will be closed, to escape volume, thus make consumer goods. These examples can tell us that online shopping based on data development is a double-edged sword for people, with both advantages and disadvantages.


The first is the regionalization of development. Due to the network shopping need to use the computer, and efficient delivery of services in the accurate, so early in the development of the network shopping, only high Internet penetration or Courier service fast developing areas, such as China’s southeast coastal economic developed area, so the network shopping there is confusion of regional development, so future development is to overcome regional development (Midwest) in the direction of progress. In view of this practical problem, e-commerce enterprises must optimize the allocation of resources, make scientific and reasonable planning, make overall consideration and formulate different regional business strategies. The second aspect is consumer psychology. Many online shoppers misled by false advertisements and error messages, and blindly buy goods, they did not need more addicted to online shopping, shopping through the network to satisfy their psychological needs, after media reports, in his house filled with fedex packing box, has seriously affected the normal life and even life self-care ability, the network shopping behaviour has reached the point of the pathological and deformity. Therefore, consumers should keep their eyes open in shopping and set up correct consumption concepts, instead of blindly following the crowd and consuming as needed. Live within your means and consume in moderation. Third, effective data building. Among the shortcomings of online shopping, it has been pointed out that in the online shopping platform, merchants fabricate false data to deceive consumers, so it needs scientific management of the online shopping platform. The purpose of precision marketing is achieved by a large number of database data, consumer network behaviour observation and background data sorting. To more accurately establish the target customer group, and according to their preferences to provide products, promotional information to achieve the marketing purpose is the development direction of the network. Fourth question, offline cooperation. The development of express delivery industry is greatly promoted by online shopping. With the increasing expansion of online shopping, the express delivery industry should also optimize its services, optimize resource allocation, make scientific planning and overall consideration, improve the quality and speed of logistics and distribution services, and deliver the best commodities to buyers at a fast speed. At the same time, we will improve the talent training mechanism, guide the express workers to correct their work attitude, and improve their service ability. To eliminate the influence of offline services on consumers’ consumption experience, and to scientifically plan the delivery and processing capacity of goods on the day of consumers’ concentrated consumption, such as singles’ day (similar to black Friday in western countries). Fourth aspect, the government should give full play to the macroeconomic regulation and control function, improve the regulatory mechanism of network shopping platform, stepping up efforts in supervising the shopping platform, introduced the electronic commerce laws and regulations, strengthen the monitoring of profit-making advertisements, regulating the behaviour of network advertising, for false advertising, fake and inferior products ‘zero tolerance’ policy, should be taken to crack down on. Through consumption early warning, increase the exposure rate of illegal behaviour, guide consumers to purchase rationally, protect the rights and interests of consumers, and purify the online shopping environment. And cooperate with the platform to effectively purify the consumer’s consumption environment. Thus it can be seen that the development problem of online shopping still centres on the development of data, and the disadvantages of online shopping based on the development of data economy are still data.


Digital economy has several macroscopical characteristics: data, platform, ecology, refinement. Data refers to breaking the original information barrier, which will promote the substantial upgrading of business processes among different enterprises, thus creating a new business ecosystem with great vitality and creativity. Platformization and ecologicalization refer to the efficient integration of different resources based on the application of the platform. Refinement refers to the comprehensive capture of users’ needs through big data to provide accurate services. The above has introduced the operation and development of digital economy based on the simplest example of online shopping. Therefore, in our daily life, digital economy not only promotes the development of science and technology, but also improves our quality of life. And in the future, under the double support of the Internet era and the trend of big data, both the ordinary people, the high-collar class, the elderly, and students in school can truly feel the convenience brought by the digital economy. For ordinary people in daily life, for example, traffic according to the travel route to recommend a more rapid way to travel, for a turtle neck class, sharing the information globalization, people can be more convenient for cross-border trade globalization, even for elderly people, can according to long-term effective body circumstance, periodically remind physical, or for a correct evaluation of the body, make the elderly more clear understanding of their own physical condition, in view of the school students, during the period of the outbreak, can not only at home online course, and the development of big data in the network today, you can easily find the learning materials on the Internet. Therefore, in today’s era, the development of digital economy is reflected in our daily life.


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