Essays on Digital Era

Strategic Marketing In The Digital Economy: Digital Marketing

Executive Summary The overarching purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate the use different marketing tools used by a KFC for their marketing purpose and to demonstrate their ability to recruit and retain customers in digital and non-digital marketing spaces and the effectiveness of their strategies Introduction Kentucky Fried chicken most commonly knows as...
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Communal Change In A Digital Era: The Dispute Throughout America

The rise of the importance of technology has sparked dispute throughout America. The dangers and successes of this digital revolution remain unknown. In Ben Sasse’s recent book Them: Why We Hate Each Other- And How to Heal, he examines the upcoming and past events of this digital era. He recounts the loss of close community...
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Digital HRM – The New Digital Era In Human Resources

Abstract: Technology has altered all walks of life. Any business process, function or strategy cannot be thought without the inclusion of a “Digital Element” in their operations. In today’s era of modernization it has become very essential to remove redundancy and adopt new age technology to collaborate with business function for their sustainable development. Hence...
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