Essays on Direct Effect EU Law

EU Law: Direct And Indirect Effect

EU Law Part A Issue One Anna may be able to bring a claim against Watergate Prison if she can show that they have discriminated against her because of her sex/gender. First Anna would have to show that because of her sex/gender she doesn’t receive equal pay or equal treatment. Anna and John are both...
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Direct Effect EU Law: Benefits And Limitations

This essay will refer to the benefits and limitations of direct effect as a legal concept referring to the individuals’ ability to invoke their rights against the state, challenging incorrect implementation of directives and the detriment of only vertical direct effect being applicable. Moreover, directives are a form of secondary legislation which attempts to establish...
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EU Law: Direct Effect, Indirect Effect And State Lability (Case Study)

There are three main principles under EU law that may assist Gunilla in gaining access to ‘free language lessons’ for her daughter Malin in line with (Imaginary) Directive 2018/124. Those principles are as follows: direct effect, indirect effect and state liability, when taken in combination all seek to ensure “individuals are given the greatest possible...
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Direct Effect EU Law and Brexit: Analytical Essay

On the 17th of October 1972, the United Kingdom became part of the EU member states after the European Communities Act 1972 had received royal assent. This then resulted in the UK becoming part of the European Economic Communities which was created in 1958 by the Treaty of Rome. Some key provisions of this act...
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