Essays on Disability

Obesity Inclusion As A Disability

Current Law Regarding Obesity Obesity has become one of the major epidemiological challenges that is facing the world today. The term obesity refers to excess body fat accumulation that may impair health. An individual is considered obese when one’s body fat is more than twenty percent of average weight, which is determined using the BMI...
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Intellectual Disability And Its Identifications

In this paper, it discusses Intellectual Disability and its identifications. This is a research conducted to further understand the disability stages, its symptoms, causes and how to care for those affiliated with the Disability. Utilizing information gathered from the internet, this research paper contains compiled information on educating people about the importance of intellectual disability....
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Case Study: Living With Disability

Victor was an ambitious and active 19-year-old promising fine-arts student when a motor-vehicle accident left him paralysed from the neck down and caused the death of him of the dad. “A model is a system, a procedure or a structure that serves as an example to follow or imitate.” (Fresh Perspectives, 2018) Due to the...
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Profile: Disabled People Are Still People

Everyone in the world faces adversities, some hardships are self-inflicted, and others are hardships people are born with. However, there are programs put in place to help people with these types of problems, but what happens when your hardship is a mental disability? People with mental health disabilities carry a negative stigma and often are...
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