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Authorised Heritage Discourse

Abstract This article outlines the concept of Heritage and Authorised Heritage Discourse (AHD). The main aim of this article is to examine Laura Smith’s concept of AHD and to find the best understanding of contemporary heritage practices. In this paper, the characteristics of Authorised Heritage Discourse and the process of Heritage has been examined. Some...
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Discourse Analysis: Different Definitions And Approaches

Discourse analysis is the study of language in use. It rests on the basics premise that linguistics items cannot be understood without reference to the context, both linguistic and extra-linguistic, in which they used. It draws from knowledge and methodologies from a wide range of fields, such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology, social and cognitive psychology,...
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Discourse Ethics

 One of the issues that I chose that is mostly debated here at our country not just in our country but also in the communities is the Petition of Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage, where it is a law that allows two members of LGBTQ or a same-sex to undergo the sacrament of matrimony. Many members...
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