Essays on Disease

Analytical Essay on Immune System Issues: Tolerogenic Immune Modulation of Type I Diabetes

Autoimmune Diseases According to the Office of Women’s Health at HHS, there are over 80 different types of autoimmune diseases, and around 5-8% (400 Million People) of the world’s population is affected by them1,2. However, an autoimmune disease is not a specific condition, rather it’s an umbrella term that encompasses multiple diseases such as rheumatoid...
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Neuroplasticity After Stroke: Definition and Principle of Work

What Is Neuroplasticity After Stroke? The word neuroplasticity is combined from two words: neuron and plasticity. Neurons are the nerve cells in brain, and plasticity means that you can mold or reorganize something. Therefore, neuroplasticity refers to the process of reorganizing the neurons in brain. As an illustration, if the part of your brain responsible...
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Homelessness of People with Mental Disorder: Analytical Essay

Introduction The essay will focus on the older adults’ groups of mentally disordered people. The chosen vulnerable group are homeless with mental disorder. The vulnerability factors for this vulnerable group of mentally disordered older adult will be analysed and interpreted. The essay will put forward an argument of the multi-professional and multi-agency interventions which will...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Etiological Factors, Diagnosis, Prognosis And Interventions

Autism Spectrum DisorderAutism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a mental condition that is associated with behavioural challenges among children. Chiefly, there is nothing about people with ASD that is different from other people except their means of communication, as well as how they interact with others. The frequency of ASD is significantly greater in boys than...
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Models Of Dementia And Models Of Death/dying

In this essay I will be talking about what theoretical perspectives and models informed my practise when doing my fieldwork. Community care is a social policy that informed my practise because it is long-term care for people who are mentally ill, elderly, or disabled which is provided within the community rather than in hospitals or...
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Situation with Diabetes in Different Regions of India: Analytical Essay

Introduction Diabetes is quickly picking up the status of a potential plague in India within surplus of 62 million diabetic people as of now determined to have the disease. In year 2000, India (with around 31.7 million diabetic patients) topped the world spot with the most notable number of people with diabetes mellitus followed by...
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