Essays on Distance Education

Distance Learning: My Experience

 Over the past several weeks students across America have been forced to adapt to a new normal, a way of life that includes going to school virtually from home. At first, this new way of teaching seemed super cool and appeared to be much easier for the students. Many students loved the idea of jumping...
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Distance Education For Sophomores

Distance Education or distance learning is a kind of matchbox program that serves out to be advantageous for all the pupils. A distance learning program is a combination of distance learning and traditional classroom instruction. Massive open online courses, offering large scale interactive participation and open access through the network technologies, are recent educational modes...
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Distance Education: Benefits For Students

Distance Education When an individual wants to study conveniently and adjust studies in their hectic schedule, distance education is the option. In addition to it, some students want to stay away from the chaos, rush and typical old atmosphere of classroom. Distance education is often self-directed. It means most of your assignments, classwork & interaction...
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