Essays on Diversity

Diversity: Cultural Competence In Mental Health Nursing

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of conduct (2018) instructs registrants to be culturally competent; nurses must treat patients as individuals in a dignified and non-discriminatory manner irrespective of age, ethnicity or cultural background. Globalisation and international migrations have resulted in cultural diversity in societies; therefore, nurses encounter patients from different cultural backgrounds (Sharifi,...
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Diversity In Countries Of Africa

Due to Africa’s varying characteristics, the continent consists of much diversity in its people and aspects. The diversity of Africa has been affected by different factors of the continent including religion, customs, and language along with other topics that involve the people. While individuals perceive Africa as a place with similar people and economic, topographic,...
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Analysis Of Diversity In The Workspace

Introduction Diversity is a widespread issue in the work environment today, and this has created as a result of the globalization of business organizations to a great extent, and this has helped associations in different viewpoints. I accept that in an association there are different types of diversity other than social diversity like diversity in...
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Revealing Issues Of Racial Diversity

Racial diversity has been an issue in society for a very long time. Diversity essentially means having different groups of people occupying the same physical space. This space can be as specific as a classroom or as broad as Earth. It is clear that we all have our unique physical features, and that those seem...
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Management Of Diversity In Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion Diversity is basically a difference. Differences in age, gender, nationality, race, culture, etc… People with these differences studying in the same institution would make it a diversified institution and it is becoming very crucial that organizations/institutions learn how to manage these differences. Diversity is also one of the main problems at an...
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Diversity As An Issue We Created Artificially

I am a Caucasian female who was born on August 24, 2002 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, into a conservative Christian home with one mom and one dad. I go to a great school, am a part of an incredible community, and know my future has so much in store when I go to college next...
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Diversity In The USA: The Palestinian Experience

Diversity is a distinguishing part of who I am. As an individual from the small and often secluded country of Palestine, I have a dual perspective having learned a great deal about diversity from being in the United States since 2013 as well as the country where I am from. My country is not as...
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The Diversity In Military Organizations

This essay seeks to examine the Army’s diversity typology throughout history, identify how diversity is a fundamental building block of a modern army and provides a template for the successful integration of programs supporting the Army’s diversity vision. The Army defines diversity as “the different attributes, experiences, and backgrounds of our Soldiers, Civilians and Family...
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Equality and Diversity As a Key Approach to Policy and Working Practices

An essay demonstrates an understanding of equality and diversity as a key approach to policy and working practices within children’s and young people’s services In this assignment the learner will be demonstrating an understanding of equality and diversity as a key approach to working with children and young people’s services. Equality refers to the fairness...
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Importance of Issues of Diversity to Police Operational Practice

This essay aims to examine the various ways in which issues of diversity are important to police operational practice. Over the years, the police force in the United Kingdom has always faced stigmatisation, particularly in regards to race relations. Typically, the UK police force mainly constituted white males. Gaddis and Ghoshal (2019) note that most...
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