Diversity As An Issue We Created Artificially

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I am a Caucasian female who was born on August 24, 2002 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, into a conservative Christian home with one mom and one dad. I go to a great school, am a part of an incredible community, and know my future has so much in store when I go to college next fall. Diversity is not defined by a conservative or liberal upbringing, but rather by a mindset and willingness to explore beyond your own perspective. We all have a different story, and our lives are filled with people of different backgrounds and experiences. Diversity characterizes race, sexuality, culture, values, and an abundance of ideas. As a society, technology, and the workplace advance, it is vital to prioritize diversity, because it is the foundation for development and growth in today’s world.

Diversity embraces open-mindedness. This past February I went on a student council retreat in Winter Park. One of the introductory activities we did was a privilege walk. Throughout this activity, we realized how different we are even though we all go to the same high school. We have experienced different encounters based on race, gender, religion, and more. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we are able to contribute different ideas and perspectives to the table. This opens our minds to how we can accomplish tasks, achieve goals, and represent every student every day. Open-mindedness is valuable in our daily lives. Allowing diversity into our lives is how we discover international brilliance; by exploring other ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles, we open our minds and are able to expand creativity and problem solving skills in a unique lens. Ignorance results in misconceptions as closed-minded thinking results in hate, prejudice, and stagnant development. Accentuating diversity in today’s world will maximize productivity and perspective because it will personify open-mindedness.

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Furthermore, diversity encourages involvement. Ever since I could walk I have been around the game of golf. My dad has been in the golf industry since before I was born and has always had a heavy influence on my involvement with the sport. I have heard the “Golf will bring you opportunities like no other, especially if you are a woman in the business world” talk countless times. As oversaturated as this discussion seems to me, it is undoubtedly accurate. Both golf and business have been male-dominated atmospheres, yet over the past decade, women have made their mark in both industries. In today’s world, women are gaining the platform to change how things have always been done. As industries become more diverse and inclusive, a sense of community is established and the level of involvement rises, therefore promoting growth and development.

As Audre Lorde once said, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” Diversity is important in today’s world, because it embraces open-mindedness and encourages involvement. Without promoting and understanding diversity, we cannot grow together; we only grow apart.


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