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Due to Africa’s varying characteristics, the continent consists of much diversity in its people and aspects. The diversity of Africa has been affected by different factors of the continent including religion, customs, and language along with other topics that involve the people. While individuals perceive Africa as a place with similar people and economic, topographic, and other features due to Africa being a conjoined landmass. While Africa is connected to make a globally known continent the truth is that the people and attributes of the place make the people living there have special and unique properties that are distinct to the people of the area. This paper will be focusing on the different traits of Africa and its people that truly make Africa diverse.

The tribes of Africa all belong to the same continent yet they observe and follow many contrasting religions. In North Africa, the Berber tribe observes Islam and they study at the Maliki rite, a school dedicated to the religious laws of Sunni Muslims. In the Berber tribe, the fqih teaches Quran and Islamic principles such as there are no physical link to Allah, the Islamic god, to only boys. In West Africa, currently, the Igbo tribe consists mainly of Christians, however, traditional African discipline was commonly used hundreds of years ago by the Igbo tribe. The goddess of the Earth, Ala or Ana, was referenced consistently to the Igbo tribe along with the spiritual belief that death, life, and the unborn individuals are connected through a sequence or everlasting chain that repeats. In Southern Africa, the two different groups inside the San tribe do not follow the main religion yet they both worship the Eland, one of the first animals created, and a trickster-like deity, yet one group of the San calls this deity, /Kaggen. Lesser-known deities along with women and children of the household are acknowledged in the San tribe and there is no total authority or power to one main god in their religion.

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The varying customs that support African tribes make Africa’s society unique. As a member of the Amhara tribe, some individuals may have arranged marriages negotiated by their parents, which are commonly transethnic. After the Amahararian couple marries, the wife and husband both are traced to their descent, although the inheritance, power, and status are connected more to the male line than the female. While the Swahili tribe also has parent arranged marriages, the right to marry someone is decided by the father of swahililian women yet the person arranged for her can also be declined by her too. Once Married Swahillian women have their decisions and behavior managed by their spouse in the name of the family’s honor, however, the man holds more power of the house and his wife, a significant amount of power in daily life is also held by the women. Arranged marriages by family members are common for members of the Hausa tribe, but relatives such as cousins are most usually chosen as their child’s partner. In the married life of a Hausa couple, men can marry up to four women at once making the role and power of a wifeless superior to that of her husband, which is one of the many factors for Hausa couples to end up divorced.

Africa may consist of many people as one large community but the languages of the different people are a factor in why Africa is varied. The members of the Zulu tribe are known for their Nguni-root language, called isZulu, having distinct clicking noise and melodic sounds. Suffix and prefix structures are changed constantly in isZulu, due to their language being a part of the Bantu family, to adjust the interpretation of a word for the situation the word is used in. The Maasai tribe has their individuals speak the Maa language, which is only spoken and consists of 25 consonants and 9 vowels. The Maa language, or Olamaa language to the Maasai, is known to be complex where tonality and emphasis play a key role in meaning. Fulfulde, the language of the Fulani people, is known for being rich in language and literature. The Fulani have spoken and differentiated Fulfulde in five major distinctive ways and originally modified Arabic was used for writing Fulfulde yet it is currently written in Roman.

The continent of Africa supports many different features that all contribute to different aspects of daily life thus making Africa distinct and diverse. Africa’s diversity is crucial to expressing how people vary from place to place in Africa. In Africa, the different traits impact the people and features around them that cause the surrounding areas to differ. While the religions, customs, and languages prove that Africa is quite varied this information is a tiny portion of evidence for Africa’s diversity. This information of this essay may include some factors yet there are still many other attributes and sub-attributes of Africa that this essay did not encounter yet the information listed above is still a substantial amount.   


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