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Diwali Festival: Traditions Of Celebration In Australia

Throughout history, religion has been an important force shaping beliefs about the purpose of life, the place in the world, and how society should be structured. Many Australians hold religious beliefs, and Australia’s religious landscape has become increasingly diverse. The festival of Diwali is a Hindu religion that celebrates the New Year and is important...
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Diwali Festival As A Part Of Chinese Culture: Food Etiquette, Behaviour And Manners

Introduction Chinese cultural values and traditions are largely expressed through the consumption and preparation of food. In China, food is highly valued by many, and the etiquette surrounding food and its consumption is considered a significant aspect of Chinese culture. Food also plays an essential role in developing traditional cultural celebrations and religious holidays. This...
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Five Major Festivals Celebrated By Hindus In South Asia And Their Importance: Pongal, Deepavali, Thaipoosam, Mahashivratri And Navarathri

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It was originated in India. It’s formed from a combination of the Indus River Valley, Aryan and Dravidian cultures. Hinduism has no single founder and does not only have single holy text. It’s being practised by a significant proportion of the population in India and...
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Impacts Of Diwali Festival: Social Cohesiveness

A part of sociological understanding includes giving up the idea that human behaviour is just what people ought to do because our decisions are affected by society. So whether celebrating festivals is your innate will or whether you’re succumbed by the immense pressure of your family and friends, festivals are important and they impact us...
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Diwali Holidays: My Memorable Experience

My Memorable Experience Hurahhhhhh! exams are over now, we have the Diwali holidays. So I came home and I was feeling relaxed after this no one will be going to ask me about the study. I was excited and decided to help my mother. I asked her, “what about the preparation for Diwali? Can I...
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