Diwali Holidays: My Memorable Experience

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My Memorable Experience

Hurahhhhhh! exams are over now, we have the Diwali holidays. So I came home and I was feeling relaxed after this no one will be going to ask me about the study. I was excited and decided to help my mother. I asked her, “what about the preparation for Diwali? Can I help you ?” Mother felt happy because of my question. She asked me to purchase Diyas . so I had taken the money and called my friend to come with me. Both of us have taken our bicycles and reached the market by discussing many things with enjoyment. There were so many people busy in purchasing clothes, gift articles, crackers, sweets etc. Everywhere I feel happiness, joy . Then we moved towards Diyas shop .The shop is having too much light, decoration, things are arranged nicely, so everyone is coming to see and to purchase Diyas. The shop contains beautiful Diyas with design and size everyone pleased with purchasing Diyas. We are also observing diyas with many designs and those we liked keeping aside . While we are doing this I saw just opposite the shop one person was sitting on the roadside to sell Diyas. At that moment, I felt something wrong – he requesting everyone but nobody is paying attention to his request. So at that moment, I decided to purchase Diyas from him only .So we crossed the road and went to him. When we were walking towards him that time we observed he has hopes in his eyes. He again started saying, “ Please take my Diyas ! all these are good and cheap also”. We came and saw that he was having simple diyas which are kept in one basket. The things were not organised properly. There was no any kind of arrangement that can attract the customer to take Diyas from him . We felt very sorry about this as because lack of professionalism , he was not able to attract the customer and not get enough money. I dared to say something to him by thinking that if he adopt the things suggested, there might be change in his life. So I urged him,“ Can I give you some suggestions to have changed in sell?” He said, “Yes, tell me something so that my family also able to celebrate Diwali with happiness.” I told him the tricks . I said, “ definitely you will feel differences because of this your business will flourish. Just wait and watch.” We purchased some days from him and were given hope. He assured me that he will work on this. We returned home and told about this incidence. Mother felt proud and said to help him, so I painted all diyas which I had purchased from him. I am not able to sleep due to excitement.

The next day we went there and saw the difference, that he had arranged the things as per colour, sizes, designs in different baskets. He made arrangements for his seating where he kept samples of the things he had with price. He was busy showing, billing. Now the change in attitude also we observed that he is not begging to purchase but there is full confidence which is reflected through his activity. When he saw us, he showed us the arrangement. He was eager to listen to the reply from us. As we appreciated , there is a smile on his face. We requested him to keep the the diyas which we painted in his shop. He is just going on thanking again and again. We felt very happy that one act had changed his life. When I told this to my family, all had appreciated my work.I became the hero. I am now excited to to tell about this in my class. This incident had taught me that without spending money on crackers, gifts, I was happy. This was the real-life experience of Happy Diwali, which I want to share.

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