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The Struggle Of Interracial Relationships Before Racial Integration In The Documentary The Loving Story

The documentary, “The Loving Story,” reveals the struggle of interracial relationships before racial integration was accepted. In 1958, an African American woman, Mildred Loving, and a white man, Richard Loving, were married and arrested for engaging in an interracial marriage (The Loving Story). During the time of racial segregation, the material culture and non-material culture...
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Discussion Based On The Documentary Where To Invade Next: Opinion Essay

Introduction: One of the famous documentary films “Where to Invade Next” produced in 2015 which is directed by Michael Moore and it was interrelated to the culture of different nine countries and United States. During his travelling to the several countries he found out that each country has their own cultural issues that were not...
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Documentary Review: Divorce Iranian Style

Divorce Iranian Style is another observational documentary (Longinotto, 1997) set in an Iranian marriage courtroom. Just like Home from the Hill, the aim of the documentary is to shed light on an unfamiliar situation to the intended viewers. These would be anyone not familiar with the Iranian culture, particularly in the field of divorce and...
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The Subversion Of Documentary Expectations In Forgotten Silver

Most would agree that the traditional idea of documentaries is that they are objective beacons of truth. This essay will focus on the idea that documentaries have evolved into more than this by exploring and critiquing Peter Jackson’s documentary Forgotten Silver (1995). The critique will examine the modes employed within the film as well as...
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White Terror Documentary: Critical Analysis

After the end of the Atlantic slave trade, European countries focused on Africa as a source of raw material and market for the goods produced from their industries. This led Africa to be partitioned during the Berlin Conference of 1884-185 by the European powers. No African was present during this meeting resulting into a continent...
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Reflection On The Merchants of Cool: Opinion Essay

After viewing The Merchant of Cool, my knowledge on this matter had been renewed, and I was once again reminded of the despicable measures and actions corporations are willing to take so they can gain control. However, in a close examination of their tactics, I cannot say I am surprised. With the way society functions,...

Interactive Design As The Future Of Documentary Media

In today’s media world, some basic design knowledge is becoming important for documentarians to present their work on social media. Most documentarians use photographs, videos, vocal recording and films in order to present their documentary project to the public on media. In 21st-century life, social media is becoming important and all around us. Traditionally, people...
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