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Representation Of Crisis In Blackfish

The recent press and publicity regarding SeaWorld revolves around the controversial documentary entitled Blackfish. The documentary was first screened at the Sundae Film Festival in 2013 and later produced by Magnolia Pictures after which it was acquired by CNN and aired for a wider audience. Considering that CNN has an international audience, the documentary was...
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Documentary The 6th Extinction: Critical Review

Throughout civilization, 5 major extinctions have had its toll on life. These extinctions deal with drastic weather patterns, meteorites, and volcanos. On Earth now, civilization is living during the period of the 6th great extinction. This film succeeded in clarifying the threat our society faces. The film forces its viewers to take a serious look...
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Activism in Film: Documentary Blackfish

Activism is, by the definition of the Oxford English dictionary is, “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.” And so by extended definition activism done through the medium of documentary film making are films that through their making, campaign to bring political or social change. The questions...
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