Domestic Violence: Unfriendly Impact on Children and Women Because of Abusive Behaviour at Home

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Jeevasuthan and Hatta’s[footnoteRef:1] study report an unfriendly impact on children and women because of abusive behaiouvur at home. Children, particularly, are the most defenseless focuses as it seriously impacts physical and mental development. Alongside prevented development, they likewise face a crowd of difficulties and dangers for their life. Significant casualties of abusive behavior at home are women. As indicated by Nirmanee major purposes for domestic violence are drunkenness of the husband, suspicion, extra marital affairs, financial problems, or problems in the relationship, sexual problems or wife being employed. So it seems that, domestic violence can impact negatively directly and indirectly to children. In 1998 Holden et al, contend that the kids who are presented to aggressive behavior at home are said to encounter negative impacts concerning their wellbeing, security, conduct, enthusiasm and social development and educational progress[footnoteRef:2] and Jaffeet el al, in 1990 additionally recommend that the child abuse and the impact of domestic violence on children are particularly same. In this way, it is basic to distinguish the impact of abusive behavior at home on kids in the Sri Lankan setting and find a way to limit the negative effects of abusive behavior at home on kids. [1: Jeevasuthan SZ Hatta, ‘Behavioural Problems Of Children Exposed To Domestic Violence In Rural Villages: A Micro Social Work Inquiry In Piranpattru Village At Chankanai Divisional Secretariat, Jaffna, Sri Lanka’ (2013) 91 Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences ] [2: ]

Methods. According to the research of Jeevasuthan and Zulkarnain, they analyzed the facts thoroughly by collecting the information from fifty married women with children of age 06-18 living in the village Piranputtu based on irregular examining through the questionnaire. They were similarly separated in two gatherings which consist of 25 respondents named fierce families or peaceful families. Further products are also used by questionnaires like a child behavioral checklist[footnoteRef:3] which are beneficial check to find the behavioral problems of children. [3: Ibid Available]

Major Findings and Discussion.

The result of the survey revealed 68%of mothers responded alcohol abuse the primary cause of their arguments and fights. Besides that, 64% of the men from savage families were utilized on day by day compensation, expanding alcohol utilization. The research showed that alcohol and substance abuse (chewing tabacco) is the main factor for domestic violence. Salaries of rough families tended to be higher than nonviolent families which causes simpler get to alcohol, coming about in a visit utilization alcohol. Moreover, alcohol when asked about the difficulty, 48%of the violent family mother answered about problems with their husband, 44% answered with economic problems. Besides that, the mothers from violent families are less receptive for health issues and troubles regarding their kids for the reason that they may be extra situation and concerned about their violent husbands and fights. For example, 52% of the women said that their children cry when they fight and 24% said that get frightened and shroud someplace when they battle. The excessive rating of the youngsters from violent households suggests that there is a huge negative change within the behaviors of these children.whilst recollect the behavior too fearful numbers of youngsters from non-violent households are more than violent families and it is able to be concluded that the children from violent households display increased violent behavior as opposed to the kids from non-violent households.A take a look at carried out with the aid of UNICEF in 2006, helps the above conclusions: conduct changes as an effect of domestic violence can consist of excessive irritability, sleep issues, emotional distress, fear of being on my own, immature conduct and issues with restroom education and language development. youngsters from violent homes exhibit signs and symptoms of greater competitive behavior, including bullying, and are up to a few times more likely to be worried in preventing.The behaviors which include stubbornness, irritable, doesn’t appear after misbehaving, being strangely loud, bites fingernails, and argues lots are shown a massive boom in male youngsters instead of the girl kids.

Suggestion and Recommendation.

The study recommendations urgent need for alcohol and illicit production prevention program in the Piranpattu area. Besides that, the parents need to be educated on the impacts of domestic violence especially on children. Families have to analyze strategies to assist their kids to conquer stressful scenarios to help lessen the stress of dwelling. Moreover, schools play prime role. For example, school-primarily based packages ought to help lessen the aggressive and violent behavior of youngsters and expand high-quality attitude and violent attitudes and capabilities to avoid violent behaviour. Campaigns for public schooling need to awareness on adverse effects on kids due to home violence. together with that, felony measures should respond right away to violent activities and special protection measures must be formulated to target children dwelling in violent families.

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In conclusion, this study showed that alcohol intake and selling illicit alcohol are the primary component for home violence and behavior trade of kids who uncovered to domestic violence.


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