Essays on Donald Trump

Leadership Styles Of Donald Trump And Barack Obama: A Comparative Analysis

A good leader represents the characteristics of trustworthy, honesty, energetic, confidence, earnestness and so much more. Such leadership traits are evident in Donald Trump who is a current president of the U.S and Barack Obama who served as the 44th president of the U.S. The 2016 Presidential elections that were held in the United States...
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The Role Of Social Media In Donald Trump's Presidency

Over the last decade, the American media system has experienced significant changes. The rise of social media has led to the creation of a new approach to campaigns, governance, and politics. Today most people rely on digital sources to get information on political events and issues. There has also been a significant shift to user-driven...
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US/Canada Relations During Donald Trump's Presidency

Since Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States in 2016, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to transition Canada out of its role as “America’s side-kick” and take initiative to subdue Trump’s chaotic behavior and America’s rising favorable disposition to nativist populism. Many world leaders have taken to condemning Trump and...
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Donald Trump's Foreign Policies As Compared To Previous US Presidents

The aim of this paper is to analyze and compare Trump’s foreign policy decisions in regards to previous American presidents bringing into discussion main strategies. This paper will be focused on three main foreign policy grand strategies and Trump’s decisions since January 2017 when he came into office. Donald Trump is the 45th and current...
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The Impact Of Donald Trump's Presidency On The US Hegemony

Introduction The United States’ role within the world post-World War II has been one comprised of global leadership, promotion of civil liberties, and the prevention of radical organizations. The United States’ role can be examined by measuring the overall success of past policies and responses to specific international conflicts. Observers claim the Trump administration is...
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Populism In Bernie Sanders' And Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaigns

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 gave rise to significant debate within political science scholarship as to the influence and surge of populism in the United States and throughout the world. Not only do populist leaders often contradict what is expected from a typical politician, but they often can also rally overwhelming support from...
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