Essays on Down Syndrome

The Effect Of Down Syndrome On Educational Outcomes Of Sufferers

Rationale: In the human cell, there are 46 chromosomes located in the nucleus of a cell. Gametes, which are the sex cells, are created through a process called meiosis. Meiosis is the process of cell division when a parent cell that contains 46 chromosomes divides into four daughter cells, each containing 23 chromosomes, (Australia, 2016)....
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Persons Living With Down Syndrome Have A Lower Quality Of Life

What is the standard of life? The general definition is the standard of wellbeing and bliss experienced by an individual or gathering. Not every person’s standard for personal satisfaction is the equivalent, however we as a whole need very similar things: a vocation, a family, to be solid, to have a home, to carry on...
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Chris Burke, A Successful Singer/actor With Down Syndrome

Have you ever had a conversation with someone suffering from down syndrome? They are some of the nicest people out there and have genuinely kind intentions. Their typical personality traits of kindness, innocence, naivety, are all associated with them. These people are generally perceived to be happy and joyful, in fact, have a very high...
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