Essays on Dracula

Comparison Of The Picture Of Dorian Gray And Dracula

Significantly both writers explore the reoccurring theme of sexuality dominating both novels challenging the stereotypes of a contemporary audience due to such ideas being abhorred. Having ‘sexual freedom’ means being unrestricted to who one chooses to live with or love without social, political, medical or cultural prosecution which both novelists convey through the characterisation of...

Dracula: Sexualizing The Vampire Image

Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, continues in the same way as Carmilla – a novel shows the power and the sexuality of a vampire. Vampires were created to “invoke horror and terror because of its power to allure and provoke one’s repressed desires” (Hasanat Lecture 2). Stoker creates a story that represents many of the issues...
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Dracula: The Themes Of Morality And Sexuality

Within the supernatural world of Dracula, the opposing realities of traditional values and morals are evident, such as security, moral and sexual proprietary. Through the exploration of the gothic genre, an unspoken topic within the Victorian Era, Dracula is able to reveal and expose the fears and anxieties that Victorian society had as the traditional...
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Dracula: Religion As An Instrument Of Influence On Society

In the book Dracula published in 1897, author Bram Stoker explores the theme of salvation and the hold that Christianity maintained over late-Victorian society. The novel revolves around Dracula, a vampire who strikes fear and terror into the hearts of all he encounters, and the Crew of Light, a group of people who wish to...
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Dracula: As A Victorian-era Novel

Over the course of the late 19th century, Victorian Britain underwent social changes, moving from a time with rigid gender expectations, to one with greater freedoms. Bram Stoker’s popular late Victorian horror novel Dracula (1897) reflects growing contemporary discourse in the shifting cultural depiction of the masculine and feminine. Through the course of the novel,...
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Dracula: Themes Of Good Vs. Evil

There are many works of literature that play on the idea of what is good and what is bad. In the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker provides a controversial conception of good versus evil. In the novel, evil is seen through the characters and concepts that contradict the overall societal opinions. The good refers to the...
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Corruption Of Christianity: Dracula

In Dracula, Christian values are always present and portrayed by the protagonists. Therefore, the fact that the Count is constantly corrupting and acting against the protagonists, just as any antagonist would do, is very significant because it is a direct attack to the beliefs of Christianity. He represents all what is considered evil by Christian...
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Dracula As A Mirror Of The Late-victorian Society

Stoker’s Dracula, written in 1897, uses its characters and setting as a reflection of the rising fears and anxieties of late-Victorian society. The Victorian Era was a time of scientific and societal development introducing new ideas of evolution and feminism which went against their traditional values. Stoker uses Dracula as a vessel to represent the...
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Dracula: The Dream Book Of Victorian Culture

Dracula, written by Bram Stoker in 1897, is the dream book of Victorian culture that mirrored the unconscious fears of the threat that the foreign ‘other’ posed to social stability and Western superiority. Overall, the novel can be interpreted as an insight into late-Victorian society and its rampant paranoia during the period. This is achieved...
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Dracula: A Gothic Novel

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, written in epistolary form is a gothic novel, detailing Dracula’s endeavour to relocate from Transylvania to London in his pursuit of new blood, whilst also seeking to disperse the undead curse. This ageless classic has refused to ‘die’, standing the test of time since its publication in the 1890s. This is mainly...
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