Essays on Drama

Historical Background Of Classical Drama And Its Features

Drama has changed throughout the years some dramas survived and some got lost in history. Drama has been always a great way to communicate and express emotions and feelings. Since Drama faced several periods from the day it was created, here is a piece of brief information about its history and features. Firstly, Drama started...
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The Difference Between Poetry, Prose, Drama

Literature is an art of writing or printed information such as novel, poem, plays which is different with magazine, newspaper or books. Another definition also states by Iwuchukwu (2008:3) who states literature is a form of human art work that is imaginative that can be presented in written or oral form in a performance. Literature...
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Development Of Greek Drama

Greek drama first began to emerge during 700 BC, the purpose of these performances was to honour and respect their gods, these dramas were performed at the Greek theatre which actually takes place in Athens the main centre for these theatrical traditions. These festivals were distributed to its various allies in order to achieve and...
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How Shakespearean Drama Is Relevant Today

In my recent study of Shakespearean Drama, I have discovered that much of it is relevant to modern audiences today. This letter investigates how Shakespeare utilizes ‘Courtly Love’ and ‘Deception’ to remain relevant centuries later. I believe Shakespearean Drama is relevant because Shakespeare adds a lot of things we can still relate to like courtly...

Absurdist Theatre: Using The Elements Of Drama

Absurdist theatre has been allocated as my performance style, Absurdism first came about after the II World War that ended in 1945, as people endured the impact of WWII, many began to question the relevance of logic, communication, and life, as it seemed too difficult for playwrights to explain meaning, where the only logical answer...
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Author Experience In Drama Performing

I have always have a passion in performing drama since I was little. During my high school years, there was a drama week every year, everybody practices so hard for so long time in order to have the chance to perform on the stage during that ‘special week’ which would only takes place once every...
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The Practice Of Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is a subtopic of Applied Practices in theatre, it’s aim is to expedite the process of personal growth and facilitate good mental health or well-being in patients who have experienced trauma or struggle with mental health or their idea of self. According to research by Robert J. Landy (1994), aspects of drama therapy...
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Drama Therapy Within The African Context

Drama therapy practices and theory was born out of ancient rituals and shamanic practices. The modern-day application of Drama therapy inherited its roots from western perspectives and that of psychodrama and educational drama practices (Meyer, 2014). Jacob Moreno known as the father of Drama Therapy started the use of drama as a therapeutic movement. His...
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Types Of Drama Production

Basically drama is defined as the play of television, theatre and radio and drama has lots of types and it also built the confidence drama industry are increasing day by day and people really like to see dramas different people have different choice some like to see comedy-drama some like to see emotional drama some...
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