Essays on Drought

Impact Of Droughts In New South Wales

The main purpose of this report is to analyse and evaluate the impact on social and economic role of business relating to the 2018 New South Wales (NSW) droughts. According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries 77% of NSW is either in drought or drought affected, while 23% is experiencing intense drought. In this...
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Drought in Australia: Causes, Impacts And Responses

Nature of Droughts National Geographic defines a drought as “an extended period of unusually dry weather when there is not enough rain.” However, this is only one factor in the broad term of drought as there are four different types of droughts. Meteorological drought: when there has been a decrease in precipitation than normal over...
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Socio-economic Implications of Drought in the Caribbean

Introduction Broad Topic: Drought Narrowed Topic: The economic cost/value of drought on the agricultural sector. Research Question: What are the socio-economic implications of drought on Jamaica’s Agricultural sector? Over 2.5 billion people worldwide are dependent on agriculture. Why is agriculture important in Jamaica? Agriculture provides employment, it helps to reduce the country’s trade deficit, increases...
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