Essays on Drugs

Drugs Containing Pyrrole

Introduction : Heterocyclic chemistry is a branch of organic chemistry that studies the synthesis, properties and applications of heterocycles. Heterocycles have a wide range of applications in various fields. They are involved in the structures of bio-molecules such as: DNA, RNA, vitamins,…etc. They also affect the activity and pharmacological effect of many drugs. Structure and...
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Tobacco Caffeine And Illicit Drugs

A drug is a substance that affects the functioning of the body. There are three types of drugs that A drug is a substance that affects the functioning of the body. There are three types of drugs that have big impact on health. They are: Tobacco, Caffeine and Illicit Drugs. Some people think that Tobac...
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Classification Of Drugs

 When it comes down to medication, there are many types of drugs people should be aware of. Patients who take medication should know exactly what the type of drug it is and what is its effect on a person’s body. There are several types of drugs and some are stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogen. What exactly...
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Legalise Of Recreational Drugs

Drug decriminalisation has been a topic debated for many years, there are many different arguments both advocating and critiquing this idea. This essay will look at the current laws in the UK, contrasted with statistics of other countries such as Portugal, Mexico, the Netherlands and Canada. Exploring the social, economical and possible health benefits. Worldwide...
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Psychoactive Drugs: Creation To Criminality

The purpose of this essay is to create a detailed account of a wide variety of topics pertaining to psychoactive drugs. I will discuss the creation of the main drugs under the category of psychoactive drugs and will embody the principles of criminality all the way to the therapeutic value of these drugs in modern...
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Drug Addiction: An Acute Problem

Drug addictions/abuse Between 1999 and 2019, the number of deaths due to drugs quadrupled. In the passage drug abuse states “drug abuse has been around for many generations and is an ever-increasing problem of the modern world”.(drug Abuse) people who consistently use drugs find that many areas of their life begin declining. As a result,...
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Drug Addiction: Sociological Theories

Introduction This essay attempts to explain how sociological theories presented by sociologists Karl Marx, Howard Becker, and Robert Merton can be used to study drug addiction. Marx’s section focusses on Conflict Theory’s explanation of drug addiction; Becker’s framework uses his theories of Drug Culture and the Labelling Theory of Deviance; while the section on Merton...
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Drug Addiction In Pakistan

Introduction The abuse of drugs is increasing in educational institutions across Pakistan. Students, whether be at schools, colleges or universities, are getting addicted to substances at an alarming rate. This is not only threatening their own future, but those of people around them, including friends and family. Background information Drug addiction has been intimidating the...
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D.A.R.E. Program: Should Drugs Be Legal In The United States

America today has many issues, from racism to xenophobia. One issue that involves both of these topics, however, is the conflicting feelings on drugs. They have not only been affecting African American communities but have also been made to weaken them in order to control them. The ban on drugs was made to enforce white...
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Cocaine Production In Peru

The topic I have chosen for my National 4 added value unit is “Cocaine Production in Peru” and a newspaper article about two females that were caught trying to smuggle 1.5 Million Pounds of cocaine into Peru. I have chosen this topic because I wanted to learn more about Peru and the Drug Trade. Peru...
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