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Protection Of The Atlantic Forest

Atlantic forest Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves with its rich biodiversity is selected as a world heritage site according to the UNESCO list of historically important sites. This protected area is biologically wealth with rare species and many biomes are considered threatened. Although a lot of species faced extinction due to a natural process, the human...
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Desalination Techniques Used For Generating Consumable Water

Freshwater and energy are two indivisible and basic items for continuing human life on earth. Quick populace development and industrialization, particularly in creating nations in the ongoing past, have put squeezing requests for both freshwater and vitality. Both are to be moderated and protected for the reasonable improvement of the world. Then again, there is...
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Water Quality in West Virginia

Abstract The quality of water in West Virginia is very inadequate. It is laced with a chemical called C8. This chemical is extremely dangerous and has caused many health issues. C8 found itself in West Virginia’s water because of a company named DuPont. DuPont used this chemical for the distribution of Teflon. During the production...
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General Overview Of Wind Energy As A Renewable Energy Resource

Abstract: Here in this paper we will discuss about a well known renewable energy resource, Wind energy. And along with this we will focus on the design and installation consideration of wind turbine. Tip speed ratio, blade pitch angle, solidity these are some important parameters to get maximum power from the environment by a wind...
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Heat Island Effect: Jungle Fires

Jungles are burning in this hot summer. This year, according to newspapers, summer is over four degrees Celsius hotter than the previous year. In the last week of April, the heat waves and the patterns of summer have been difficult for people. Kalahandi is in the western side of Odisha. The Easter state of India...
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Cape Town Water Strategy

Many kinds of ecosystems support urban life with essential ecosystem services. With over 50% of the human population now living in urbanized areas, these societies are fundamentally dependent on the health of our ecosystems. One of the challenges we face is that current worldviews disconnect human progress and economic growth from the biosphere, treating humans...
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Impact Of Plastic On Marine Life

Is plastic killing marine life? There is nearly four hundred million tons of plastic in our oceans but only two hundred and forty-six thousand ton of plastic is on the surface. In this essay i wasn’t to uncover the effects plastic is having on our oceans and what is being done to try prevent this...
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