Essays on Ebola Virus

Thomas Duncan's Case Study - Ebola Virus

Throughout Duncan’s Ebola Virus Event Expert Panel Report, multiple system failures are clearly identified. The case of Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan was a catastrophic event that created fear on American families, especially the Dallas residents, the health care community and the staff of Texas Presbyterian Hospital. This tragic story still displays the magnitude of harm...
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Modeling Ebola Outbreak

It is no longer news that, in the current century new viruses and virus-related diseases have threatened the health of humans and many animal species. Unarguably, the Ebola virus makes this list by all measurements. The Ebola virus disease (EVD) is an acute disease that affect humans and other animals. The disease caused by ebolaviruses,...
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Ebola Virus Critical Appraisal

The Ebola virus causes a severe haemorrhagic fever that has the potential to cause widespread fatalities for those affected. The 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was extraordinary in scale, resulting in 28,646 reported cases and over 11,000 fatalities. The virus appeared unique by the speed and nature in which it spread from West...
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Ebola Virus Disease: Space, Place, and Power Essay

Space, place, and power are fundamentally linked to the unfair distribution of privilege and protection in human geography, specifically in the networked spread of Ebola throughout Africa. Power, though the privilege of where a person is born, ensures safety, but the lack of this power makes someone susceptible to such diseases, because of where they...
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