Essays on Economic Inequality

Economic Inequality: A Widening Gap Between The Have And Have-not

Economic inequality is a term that has been used interchangeably with the term income disparity; in the real sense, it is the disparity that exists in our income, assets, and wealth is distributed among a given population. Economies across the world have witnessed a sudden increase in income and wage inequality for the last many...
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Economic Inequality: My Position Versus Opposing Position, Refutation Of Opposing Position

Introduction: Despite the fact that there is an exceptionally long history of concern with economic inequality, interest for this point has increased significantly after decades of stability. Economic inequality is the unequal division of salary and opportunity among various gatherings of society and has been a concern of many nations around the earth and recently...
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Social Movements Across Latin America: Latin America Spring

Latin American today is amid ‘Primavera Latinoamericana’ also known as the Latin America Spring. A series of escalating civil disobedience movements are happening all across Latin America protesting against the inequality, austerity measures, authoritarian rule and corruption scandals which have been taking place in the continent for decades now. The protests have been developing across...

Political Consequences Of Rising Economic Inequality

Economic inequality has been a major subject of discussion over the past few years, by academic circles, political spheres and the popular press. Kulkarni and Matin-Bekat(2009) suggest that as inequality applied to income and economic inequality, is a very complex issue; economists, sociologists, and political scientists are only a few of the concerned with economic...
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