Essays on Economic Theory

Consumerism and the Environmental Movement: Is Social Responsibility a Cultural Trend

The rise of the environmental topics and the promotion of the ‘social responsibility’ objective have been followed by public institutions and the media with a renewed interest in the sphere of consumption. Increasingly perceptible in the 1990s, this interest has continued since, whereby the credibility of mainstream consumption activities is now being questioned by various...

Negative Impacts Of Materialism On Our Life

Materialism is the notion that a person’s mental states are nothing over and above their material states. The theory is far more than a simple focus on material possessions. It states that everything in the universe is matter, without any true spiritual or intellectual existence. There are two arguments that support Materialism. The first is...
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Materialism Versus Happiness: Opinion Essay

We all want to be happy and cope with the struggles life throws at us. But one of the main ways of finding temporary happiness are turning to materialistic objects, which can impact our true happiness. Materialism can lead to an individual to become selfish, the feeling of hopelessness, and lead to more serious struggles...
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The Economic System Of Mercantilism: Degree Essay

Degree essay The economy is the key to power, this is strongly demonstrated during the period of Renaissance where a new economic system is established; the mercantilism and new goals are aimed at. The purpose of this essay is to understand ‘how the economic system of mercantilism favoured the emergence of political entities called absolute...
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The Role Of Materialism In American Culture Today

In American culture today, materialism ranks highly throughout our nation. The value of physical possessions is becoming superior to morals and personal connections. Modern culture brainwashes Americans into the inaccurate belief that materialistic items are necessary to be accepted into today’s society. This issue has created mental health problems within the American population. While putting...
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America As A Nation Defined By Consumerism

America is a nation defined by consumerism. Today, purchasing goods that are considered “wants” as opposed to “needs” is largely how wealth and social status are represented. This was not always the case in America. Following World War 1, America and the world alike, experienced an extreme economic downturn. This period in history is known...
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