Essays on Ecotourism

Ecotourism As Neoliberalisation Of Nature: Case Study Of Sea Turtles In Bali

Introduction Ecotourism has been hailed as a panacea: a way of seeking conservation and scientific research to preserve vulnerable and delicate ecosystems while at the same time encouraging the growth of rural communities in poor countries [1]. World Tourism Organization (WTO), defines ecotourism as tourism which involves travelling to undisturbed natural areas with the intention...
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Eco-Tourism And Its Role Of Sustainable Development In Sivagangai

Eco-the travel industry assumes an essential job in ecological contamination, natural life preservation, neediness allevation and financial improvement. It influences natural, social, financial parts of the network and the entire nation. Created just as creating nations, for example, Sivagangai, are advancing ecotourism for manageable advancement of the country. Because of the high pace of advantageous...

Ecotourism: Counterproductive Conservation

For the past few decades, non-human primates have been deliberately habituated for the purpose of tourism and it has since developed into a profitable industry fueled by a strong market demand. Ecotourism is a controversial tool in terms of its sustainability as an effective conservation solution for primates. Ecotourism is best defined as responsible, low-impact...
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