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Ethnicity In Education In The

This essay will be focusing on Ethnicity and how this social variable has an impact on educational experience and attainment in the UK education system. Ethnicity is one of many factors such as social class, gender, and disability, that impacts a child’s educational experience and attainment, as children in different ethnic groups have different results...
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Value Of Education For A Life

The growth and survival of the world rely on education. The world would not be able to function if there was no education. There is a lot of benefits that education has. The more education you have the better the rewards will be. Education can lead to a very successful life. You can learn a...
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The Education System In Uzbekistan

The education system in Uzbekistan has been changing throughout the years whether it is minor or relatively big alterations. In a recent year, population witnessed dramatic change which was actually transition in secondary schools from 9 to 11-year education system. So, here is the question why did the government decide to modify education at school?...
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Australia Education System

Australian schools have been sliding down world rankings in the past decade, with students around the country lowering standards for reading, science and maths. Now, it’s easy to blame us students and teachers but the real problem is Australia’s education system. I mean how many of you have ever come to school and just wondered...
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Gender Inequality Within The Education System

Gender Inequality within the education system has always been very prevalent. Even though attempts have been made to counter the situation, there are still many problems regarding gender inequality within society & within the education system. Recent data shows that primary school boys are now struggling to keep up with girls academically and keep up...
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Peculiarities Of Schooling in China

Schooling in China is driven by competition, memorization, and the fear of failing. Not to be over dramatic but these school years will determine the rest of your life. From grading, testing and everyday life, it all revolves around school. Your schooling years will either make you or break you. Grading is one huge factor...
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