Essays on Effective Leadership

Nursing Leadership And Management

During my first clinical rotation with Molloy College I was placed at South Nassau Communities hospital. Our clinical group was put on a medical surgical unit that was also an intensive respiratory care unit. We were mostly on the medical surgical side of the unit because we were in our first clinical rotation. On one...
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Effective Leadership Styles Are Contingent Upon Cultural

With the start of globalisation, the emergence of cross cultural or multi-cultural organisations is seen. The influence of the western culture in values and culture has an impact on the business culture as well. This has increased interdependence of nations between each other. Seeing that the exports and imports are high, the nations are dependent...
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Situational And Adaptive Leadership Is Effective Leadership

Abstract The definition of Effective Leadership has become a global phenomenon and with it has come a myriad of academic literature on leadership. This paper will discuss how leadership, specifically in a teaching role, is multidimensional and changes seasonally. This paper will do this through the lens of adaptation and will be based on current...
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