Essays on Effects of Technology

The Positive Effects Of Sports Technology

In performance: Equipment is easier to use Almost all equipment in high level sport has improved or changed over time. Some clear examples of changes are in javelin. In the past the javelin’s centre of gravity was 4 centimeters towards the end of the javelin which meant that it was easier to throw a longer...
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Negative Effects Of Technology we Need To Be Aware Of

How often have you caught an elderly or just a millennial asking someone of the current generation to put their phones away? In fact, in South Asia, most mothers blame the continuous use of phones by their children for every problem they face. For example, a teenager might go to his mother to complain about...
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Positive And Negative Effects Of Blockchain Technology

The Effects of Blockchain Technology Positive Effects: Maintaining Cybersecurity: Data used in blockchain is encrypted using cryptography, making the data inaccessible to an unauthorized personnel. Centralized servers can be very susceptible to data loss, corruption, human error and hacking. Just look at the many hacks we’ve seen in the past few years with Target, Verizon,...
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Influence Of Technology On Development Of Romantic Interpersonal Communication

Annotated bibliography With the topic being how technology affects the development of romantic interpersonal communication, the first investigation our group observed was one that looked at strong, long-term relationships, with technological based correspondence, and the social/ relational skills that created (or deteriorated) with the tech-based correspondence. According to Nesi (2016), “The rising popularity of computer‐mediated...
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