Essays on Eleanor Roosevelt

Most InfluentIal First Ladies Of USA

The Constitution of the United States sets the precedent for all branches of the government. It clearly lays out the powers, roles, and responsibilities of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President. However, the Constitution does not mention the First Lady of the United States. There are no rules, responsibilities, or expectations clearly set for...
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Women’s Role During The Great Depression

When the stock market crashed in 1929, women were affected significantly differently than men when it came to employment rates, equality rights, social activities, and wages. Although women’s employment rates increased due to necessity, their wages were significantly lower than men’s. Women’s roles were viewed as just being in the home, while men were the...

Eleanor Roosevelt: Biography Overview

Introduction Eleanor Roosevelt was an equalist and supporter that wanted to help the lives of others. She centralized her attention to helping the country as whole to remove themselves from poverty. She was a leader in her own way that was involved in several humanitarian causes. She risked her time and money in order to...
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