Essays on Electricity

Prepaid Electricity Monitoring System

Abstract This paper is about a prepaid electricity monitoring system using the internet of things, which monitors electricity consumption and provides feedback on power usage. The conventional electricity meters are not easily accessible and lack in keeping a record of electricity consumption daily. This paper represents a system that tracks electricity usage and stores the...
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Restructuring Of Electricity: Power Markets In India

Abstract Restructuring of power markets in India has been a crucial step to regulate electricity generation, transmission, distribution and pricing. To understand the restructured markets effectively various other topics need to be addressed. This paper talks about the present market scenario, the reforms, the issues and the various restructuring models of the country. Keywords—restructured, deregulation,...
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The History Of Electricity

Electricity plays a very important role in our society, it is almost impossible to imagine the world we live in today without electricity. Thanks to many inventors and scientists that had studied and innovated electricity to use it to make light and power engines living around the world easier. The first to discover that the...
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