Essays on Emma

Masculinity Depicted In Emma By Jane Austen

The governing questions to this essay are masculinity depicted in Emma and what is the contribution of this portrayal to her other projects and her over contribution to the dynamics of gender and power in literature. Austine’s novels promote the ideology of a society where men forge a different form of masculinity that is much...
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Correlation Between The Work Of Jane Austen And Modern-day Historical Romance Novels

There is a direct correlation between the work of Jane Austen and modern-day historical romance novels. “200 years after it was first published, John Mullan argues that it belongs alongside the works of Flaubert, Joyce and Woolf as one of the great experimental novels” (Mullan). In 1996, Douglas McGrath produced Emma shadowing the famous novel...
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The Representation Of The Truth In Emma

Jane Austen’s Emma sparks a representation of truth in the pursuit of knowledge and growth through showing the eponymous’ ironic use of manipulation. In the growth of Emma through recognition towards her misjudgements towards herself and her heart, Austen presents an ironic study of the bildungsroman of her central character, Emma Woodhouse to show that...
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