Essays on Endangered Species

Endangered Species: The Consequences Of The Destruction Of Animals

I want to answer questions such as why people kill other species for cosmetics, food, and clothing. People stubbornly continue to destroy all life on earth for both gastronomic and entertainment purposes and the most important reason for the disappearance of animal species, which scientists call human agricultural activity. I hope to find why people...
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Koala: Endangered Animals and Humans

Koalas in Australia are dying off because of the severe wildfires spreading rapidly throughout the environment. The fires are ruining so much of the vegetation and habitat for koalas and other animals like kangaroo that they have nowhere to go and have been slowly dying of severe burns and smoke inhalation. Even after rescue the...
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Koala: Destruction Of Natural Habitat

Australia is the only country in the developed world that is now known as a ‘Deforestation Hotspot’. According to research by Noel D Preece and Penny Van Oosterzee (Scientist from James Cook University), Australia was recently ranked in the top 10 countries in the world for mass land clearing. Up until 2017 Australia had a...

Australia’s Natural Biodiversity And Fire Management

Biodiversity is the massive variety of all living organisms on earth or of a particular area (Ave, 2020); a rich biodiversity is important for an ecosystem because it increases the productivity within the ecosystem and supports a much larger variety of vegetation which can provide food and shelter for a greater number of animals (Gautam,...
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Consequences Of The Killing Of Marine Life

Many Marine organisms are facing unnatural extinctions that not only threaten the functioning of ecosystems but also, to a large extent, affect ecological issues. The international union for conservation of nature (IUCN) has already listed 368 Marine species that are either endangered or on the verge of extinction. 1.2 Endangered sea life 1.2.a Hawksbill Turtle...

Main Factors That Contribute To Endangered Species

Many different kinds of species have been struggling to survive recently, and it is because of humanity. Humanity has severely put these animals at risk due to pollution and global warming. Typically, a person’s first priority is not to choose what the best option for the environment would be. Usually, people just choose what is...
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