Essays on Energy

Solar Energy: Technology And Incentives

Introduction: Solar energy is an eco-friendly natural resource available that is free of cost. It is perfect energy and having a low density, the clean and low-density energy is much more suitable for the protection of the environment. Sunlight-based energy is recognized as the fastest-growing of natural energy. As technology is improving day by day...
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World Energy Demand And Technology: Types Of Power

World energy demand and technology Everybody agrees on one aspect when it comes to electricity. At least for the short term, the planet wants more — and how the global economy, geopolitics and the atmosphere are handled and used should be crucial for the future. But acceleration – about 0.7% each year until 2050 (compared...
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Global Energy Demand And Supply: Present And Future

Introduction: Force and Energy are two fundamental contributions to economic development and improving the quality of life in India. The energy demand in India is ever-expanding by virtue of its developing economy, rapid urbanization, and rising income levels. As energy has consistently been perceived as one of the most significant contributions to decide the financial...
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