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Framework For Developing Intelligent Machine Learning Solutions To Maintain Security In Cyber World

Abstract: Cyber Security (CS) is an important domain in Information Technology (IT) irrespective of whatever the techniques are used for digitalization. The process of securing cyberspace and cyber systems is in high priority, since no organization is willing to compromise their confidentiality and privacy. Several security principles, tools and protocols are available for identifying and...
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Mechanical Engineering As My Academic Interest

Throughout recent years of my studies, I have come to realise how engineers play a more vital role than ever before. The amount of ingenuity and creativity they bring to our society is unbelievable. However, my primary interest lies in mechanical engineering because of how broad it is as a discipline and provides opportunities, which...
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Intelligent Machines: The Role Of Machine Learning

What is machine learning? The softwares or the Machines must be able to make decisions for themselves and react appropriately to unknown situations and work functionally according to them is known as Machine learning In principle, machines, computers and programs work only in the way they have been previously programmed, for example, if the order...
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Mechanical Engineering: Disciplinary Literacies Essay

Michigan State University was not my first choice, actually, it was not in my top three universities that I want to get in to. After sending seven applications, including Michigan State University, I was hoping I could get into my top one or at least in my top three. But, unfortunately, it was not as...
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning Methods For Cyber Security

Cyber security is the collection of policies, techniques, technologies, and processes that work together to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computing resources, networks, software programs, and data from attack. Cyber defence mechanisms exist at the application, network, host, and data level. There is a plethora of tools—such as firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection...
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Mechanical Engineering: Personal Statement

Mechanical Engineering surrounds us in our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not. I am very curious about the world around me and how design can interact with it to improve societies. I’m interested in the mathematical and the application of physics to design. My desire to understand the world around me was the...
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