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The History of Citizenship Education in

Introduction Heater (2015) describes the history of citizenship itself in Britain as ‘thin’; it seems this was until recently which we can presume is what encouraged the implementation of citizenship education into England’s national curriculum. This paper aims to analyse the development of citizenship education since 2002 and how it became a statutory subject, focussing...
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Influence of on Netball

1.0 Introduction Through casual or organised participation, sport includes any physical activities, which aims to improve the dimensions of health such as; physical, emotional, social and spiritual. (Oxford Dictionary, 2018). In England, sports of all kinds are very popular, some including; rugby, soccer, tennis and golf. An extremely favoured sport in England is netball. 2.0...
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Elizabethan: Clothing, Food and Drink, Housing

Elizabethan England The Elizabethan Era was a huge changing point in English History along with William Shakespeare and his world-changing poems and plays. The Elizabethan age was named after the greatest queens of England- Queen Elizabeth the first.There many things that changed during the Elizabethan times and we will be talking about 4 of these...
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