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English Language: The Process Of Language Change

Linguist Felicity Cox states, “Linguistic change runs parallel with social change”, this reflects the belief that language change is a result of societal change. There are many changes shown throughout history that have shaped the English language to what it is as we know it today, with the invention of the printing press and codification...
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Advantages Of English Language As A Lingua Franca

Whether you call it the language prejudices or linguistic elitism, the belief that the ability to speak any language particularly makes one person completely superior to the other person is a danger to the society along with the fact that it is an inconsiderate of reality for the lesser pillaged people within the society. However,...
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Language Varieties: American English Versus English

Intro: Britain was trying to spread English across the world from France to India to Australia and even to America. When Britain colonised America they forced English on the locals with not a whole lot of effort to learn Native American. America wanted to feel independent and decided to move away from English and create...
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Characteristics Of English As An Academic Language

Language is a meaningful expression of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and passions, ideas, desires, etc. We cannot imagine human civilization without language. Language is the medium by which human civilization has moved from the Stone Age to the present age of science, art, and technology. Language is personal, social, and political, symbolic, systematic, vocal, Non-instinctive, conventional...
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History Of The English Language: Exam Through Old English

1. What do we know about the people(s) who spoke *Indo-European? (Back up your answer through examples. Use at least 5 sentences for your answer.) Indo-Europeans had a complex system of family relationships. They were small farmers and they were able to count gold and silver. The cow and horses were the best sources for...
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English Language: Literacy Issues Faced By Learners And Teachers In UAE

Introduction: Literacy: Definition: “Literacy is basically the ability to read, write, learn and application of these abilities in a prolific manner.” Explanation: As Kofi Annan said, “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. It is a bulwark against poverty and a building block of development” (Annan, 1969) Literacy is the ability to recognize when...
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