Essays on Environment Problems

The Great Significance Of Water Scarcity For Human Activities

Water scarcity is a form of water shortage and it is the shortage of enough water resources to meet a population’s demands for water in a particular region. Water scarcity is already affecting many countries and the water that cannot be provided is needed for essential reasons such as to create food, energy, and industries....
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Animal Extinction: Essence And Human-induced Causes

In the year of 2017 ,there have been more incidents of poaching in South Africa (Poaching) than murders in the state of Illinois (Numbers), which has a major city, Chicago, infamous for its crime rate. Humanity deems it evil to murder other human beings, but is fine with murdering other animals for food and accessories...
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Melting Arctic Ice: Causes And Ways Of Solution

Introduction Everyone knows that we are destroying the arctic sea ice, right? Well the only reason why the ice is melting is because of us. It is all our fault. Hi, my name is Poppy and today I am going to talk to you about the melting arctic ice. First, I am going to tell...
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Influence of Climate Change on Global, National and Local Scale

Introduction: Climate change nowadays gets addressed more often, this is due to people recognizing the threat they are putting themselves in as a result of ignoring it. Over time, our planet has considerably grown warmer creating pressing issues for our society. There have been increased greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide trapping heat, making our...
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Fossil Fuel And Greenhouse Gases: Solution Paper

Today, the world runs both literally and figuratively on fossil fuels. People depend on fossil fuels for personal transportation, lighting and heating their homes, the conveyance of their foods, the machinery that helps grow food, erect buildings, mine for important minerals, and the products that allow consumerism to thrive. However, the combustion of fossil fuels...

Global Warming and Possible Solution for This Growing Problem

In this essay, I will be discussing global warming and a possible solution for this growing problem. Under normal circumstances, when light enters the atmosphere the earth soaks it up and releases it as a different form of energy, heat, into the atmosphere. Once the heat reaches the atmosphere gasses like carbon dioxide, methane, carbon...
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