Essays on Enzyme

Enzyme Activity: Experiment Study Of Peroxidase

Abstract An enzyme is a biological catalyst. The catalyst studied in the experiment was peroxidase. The source of peroxidase used in this experiment was from turnip extract. Guaiacol was used in this experiment to be able to tell how much light was absorbed by the brown color the test tube turned from the guaiacol. We...
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The Effect Of Salt Concentration On Enzyme Activity

Abstract: Will lower salt concentration prove to be optimal for the enzyme Turnip Peroxidase, resulting in darker shades of brown and quicker reaction rates? The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect that salt concentration has on the enzymatic activity of Turnip Peroxidase [5]. The procedure was carried out by first preparing a...
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Enzyme: Definition, Components And Enzyme Catalysts

I. Enzyme: In living cells, large numbers of chemical reactions lead to growth, reproduction and movement. As a result of these chemical reactions, simple compounds are transformed into a large number of vital compounds necessary for the cell to function, to build the cell, to provide it with the energy needed to carry out its...
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