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Everyone has probably seen some type of advertisement. People have different views on what they see; we tend to give meaning to things based on how we perceive them. Some people think that the easiest way to become aware of a product is through advertisements. Firms and corporations provide information about new products to their audience. Some people might think advertisements are misleading; however, some advertisements contain wonderful messages. Have you ever thought about fairness between women and men? Now we live in a world, where women can do anything men can do. But in sports, women are still not recognized as being equal to men. This dilemma of gender inequality in sports led Nike to produce an advertisement that shows that women are capable of doing any sport. The ad conveys an emotional message that shows the strong personality of women in sports that are equivalent to men. The ad uses emotional appeal to encourage every woman to be themselves and do what they want to do.

Nike, a leading power in apparel, has a great advertisement. This commercial advertisement is a short-minute video on Youtube released in 2019. It demonstrated women’s energy. It started with a cyclist cried after her race and a tennis player wiped out her tear after the match. In the background, it has a voice-over that said that ‘ If we show emotion, we’re called dramatic.’ It shows that women have their feelings when they achieve or failed their games. This advertisement uses pathos with soft music, and the voice described in the background helps the audience understand what is actually happening with the women athletes. And continues to the next scene, it appears the girl on the defense side in football. She played in the game against the boys. She tried to tackle a boy from the offense side and she fell. During the scene, it is a voice said:’ If we want to play against men, we’re nuts. People still think girls are not strong enough but the girl in the advertisement stopped that boy. She proved that she was capable of it. Then, the scene shows that the USA women’s soccer team under the national anthem, their captain Megan Rapinoe didn’t participate in it. While her teammates held their hands over their hearts and sang along as the anthem, Rapinoe stared ahead, with her hands at her side, lips not moving. In the background, the voice said: ‘And if we dream of equal opportunity, delusional.’ Megan protests for women’s equality and she has not taken part in the anthem since 2016. Nike chose her is the icon shows the audience that women have the right to be treated like men. This beginning scene shows the audience that women have been suffered because of the iniquity and the ways they fought for their rights.

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In the next two scenes, the tennis player, the basketball player, was arguing with the referee. And the voice in the background:’ When we stand for something, we’re unhinged’. The players tried to convince the referee but no one listened to them. They are really and feel impotent. Then, another scene came with a woman ran the race and she finished in the first place. But besides that with a voice’ When we’re too good there’s something wrong with us’ Next, there was a scene, a basketball player was arguing with the referee, a coach was mad because another team’s fault or even the tennis player smash the racket with her madness. People can see the outside and judge them hysterical, irrational, or just being crazy. In those scenes, it was just their appearance. Women were angry because others didn’t treat them fairly.

However, even a worm will turn, women stand up for their righteousness. Suddenly, an energetic soundtrack of music turned on, a woman started to run a marathon. Officials tried to pull her off the course but she got out of them and kept running. She wore a white t-shirt with the word’ Et Les femmes ?’ meant that’ And the woman?’. With the question mark, she wanted to tell the audience that so how about the woman?. They deserved an equal chance to participate in sports like men. Follow up with that, a woman was boxing, a woman was dunking or even coaching an NBA team. Women proved to the world, they could do everything men could do in sports. The incremental music in the background and three short sentences follow up together: ‘A woman boxing was crazy’.’ A woman boxing was crazy’,’ Coaching the NBA team, crazy’. The advertisement was ingenious to put three sentences in place. This is actually pathos. The ad used an emotional appeal to convince the audience and wanted the audience to recognize what women are capable of.

In the same way, the advertisement continued to show the power of women. The scene began with a woman competing in a hijab, then a woman swimming, and another woman was landing a double cork 1080. The next scene is Selena William serving the ball with the voice in the background’ winning twenty-three Grand Slams, having a baby, and then coming back for more. A woman soccer player just scored, a girl dribbled balls in two hands, a disabled woman competed in cycling, a little girl did 90 pounds lifting. They are all crazy. A combination of strong, incremental music and examples of what women did make a massive effect on the audiences. Connected with those factors above, there were sounds in the background ‘ crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy,…’ and follow up with the last statement’ So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do’. All these scenes with a purpose demonstrated to the audience what women could do as the same as men or even better in sports. At the end of the ad, it was a sentence’ It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it. This sentence encouraged other women to be themselves and did what they want and believe in. In this advertisement, Nike conveyed a message to the world to recognize how women performed in sports and realize that women should have equality as same as men. This advertisement was successfully using pathos to create an emotional response to convince the audience and impacted all types of audiences.

Overall, the iniquity between women and men in sports was a huge problem. The main reason why we still had this difference is that the world still does not have a clear vision about what women are capable of. Sports is a place of happiness, relaxation, and entertainment from everyday life. So to make sure that females athletes are getting instead of negative impact and effects, we have to shift the point from their sexuality to their talent in sports. Nike produced a wonderful advertisement about gender equality in sports. We have to follow up with Nike and make the inequality between women and men in sports form a dream into reality. 


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