Essays on Equity

Equity Validation Through Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Every day, thousands of participants in the investment profession—investors, portfolio managers, regulators, researchers—face a common and often perplexing question: What is the value of a particular asset? The answers to this question usually influence success or failure in achieving investment objectives. For one group of those participants—equity analysts—the question and its potential answers are particularly...
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Debt Instruments Vs. Equity Instruments: Key Differences

Introduction In every business around the world, finance or capital is essential for its daily running, stability and overall success. There is a term known as capital structure. This states the various ways a firm or company uses in funding its assets. The basis for the concepts and study focus on the subject of capital...
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Japan's Equity Market: Working Mechanism, Participants And Market Capitalisation

Participants and Market capitalisation Japan has five stock exchanges: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, as well as the Jasdaq securities exchange. The Tokyo stock exchange(TSE) is connected to Fukuoka and Sapporo. The Japanese stocks are offered by the Japan Exchange Group, commonly known as JPX, which runs several exchange platforms for shares.It was created...

The German Private Equity Market: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction Private equity (PE) is a fundamental pillar of the financial system. Governments in the European Union (EU) are eager to keep private investments fluid and buoyant. This is critical especially in the era where global economic growth appears to come to a halt. In today’s world, new companies tend to remain private for...
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