Essay on My Dream Career: Already a Pilot at Seventeen

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An experience that changed my behavior

For two months I did what I have passion for when I was seventeen years old. Having passion for something is a strong feeling, you cannot put into words or either describe it. Aviation is my passion since I was four years old and my goal is to become an airline pilot one day. I never thought it twice when someone asks me what I want to do for leaving. Even though I never got to see how a pilot´s life is, I still said I want to become a pilot just because it feels good, it is impossible to me to explain it with words. I truly belief involving in your passion since a very young age impacts your whole life.

It was Christmas day back on 2018 and while I was having dinner with my godparents, I remember telling my godparent’s son that I want to become a pilot. He immediately contacted me with one of his friends who at that time was doing his pilot training with American Flyers in Addison, TX. With a passionate message he convinced me to go to American Flyers. Secondly, I researched and find out that in the US aviation legislation you can have your Private Pilot license being seventeen years old.

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I talking to the school and my parents, together we figure out it was possible to do my Private Pilot license during the summer holidays. Afterwards I did every legal permission like student visa, TSA authorization and a medical exam to be able to fly in the US. Finally, the day has come, and I got the experience to become a pilot on 15th June 2019. From that day on I have never walked through the streets without my head pointing towards the sky. I never thought those two months were going to be full experiences like stalling an aircraft, flying steep turns, landing and taking off during the day and at night and solo cross-country flights.

I did my check ride 5th August 2019 and finally after reading, practicing and studying, I become a Private Pilot. My feelings on that moment went crazy because of the huge passion I have for this career. I never saw life and myself the same way as I used to before my first flight. Now I say that my passion changed my entire life, because now I know how I want to life my life. For me what I find best is that now I inspire people to find their purpose or passion for living

Last but not least this experience left me with a lot of planning to do and ideas to work before I leave school in one year. Currently I am working on projects I have in mind and now my life became happier and now I have a clear purpose on living this stage before I go and start doing my stuff. Something I learned from this experience is that doing what you have passion for since a very young age changes your life.


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