Essays on European Union

Differences Between European Union And African Union

The difference between EU and AU is like darkness and light there are many things that make them differ from each other as discussed below. This is the most remarkable distinction. Achievement of the union dreams and desire’s The European Union has carried out many of their desires like political federation, common marketplace, economic union,...
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European Union Governance System: The Importance Of The Committee Of The Regions

The initial point is the Globalization process; this brings instability and insecurity for the States’ developments, mainly in economic, social and political structures. To face these challenges in a fairer and inclusive path, the States has decided strategically to cooperate with each other through the creation of an institution, this process is called new Regionalism....
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Potential Conflict between Parliamentary Sovereignty and One of the Principles Adopted by the European Court of Human Rights

This statement raises the issue of the potential conflict between Parliamentary Sovereignty in United Kingdom (UK) and one of the principles adopted by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to interpret the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the ‘living instrument’ approach. Parliamentary Sovereignty is one of the fundamental principles of Constitution. Being the...

Positive And Negative Impacts Of Euro

From the American Dollar, Canadian dollar and Euro, these are all the common currency for their countries. The American dollar covers all their 50 states, the Canadian dollar covering all 10 provinces and territories and to the Euro which is the common currency for many of it membering countries. To name a few, Belgian Franc,...
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