Essays on Euthanasia

An essay on euthanasia is hard to write for most college students because it is not something that we deal with in our academic curriculum. Therefore, it is always good when you have a template and can see a sample to start with. It brings up ethical issues and revolves ... around human rights. As you discuss this issue, remember that your essay about euthanasia must include counter-arguments to your opinion. It is usually placed before the conclusion paragraph of your euthanasia essay. If possible, discuss a certain case study and always show due respect and care as you write because it belongs to controversial subjects that should be approached through the lens of science and morals. As one of the most controversial and challenging subjects a college student has to write about, it's often encountered by Law and Nursing students among others. Since almost every euthanasia essay will represent either persuasion or debates, it's essential to provide both sides of the issue. Speaking of definition, euthanasia represents an acceleration of death when there is a patient with a terminal illness. It can involve active and passive means to relieve the pain. The problem with this subject is that most people perceive euthanasia as self-assisted suicide or so-called "mercy killing". As this subject is explored, we have both philosophical and legal aspects, let alone Christian views as no person has a moral right to end someone’s life.

How to Structure Your Euthanasia Essay?

Without a doubt, writing about this subject is challenging even for professionals in the field. The trick is to provide your arguments by turning to more than one discipline. It’s not enough to tell that something is bad per se because one should provide moral and legal elements. Turning to euthanasia essay examples, you can see how it has been done by other learners who have achieved success with their papers. When you are dealing with your introduction section, offer statistical data and provide information regarding the countries where this practice is legal and where it’s being illegal. Then provide a strong thesis statement or assumption. It’s good to include quotes if you are dealing with a case study. As for the euthanasia essay conclusion, you must offer a moral lesson or sum up information related to your take on things. It’s also possible to use a famous quote or turn to the Bible if you want to provide an open ending.

The Main Points of Euthanasia

Before you continue with your essay outline, make sure that you learn about the types of euthanasia because your writing must offer a specific type of this practice. It will be even more important for your euthanasia argumentative essay where you must operate with the facts. Here is the basic breakdown:

Types of Euthanasia


Active method: The patient provides consent to another person's bringing their death about.

Passive method: The patient provides consent to another person's withdrawal of the treatment that helps to preserve the patient's life.


Active method: Another person actively brings the death of the patient. The patient is not able to communicate his or her consent.

Passive method: Another person withdraws existing treatment that helps to preserve life when the patient is not able to share one's will.


Active method:Another person brings the death of the patient against the will of the patient that has been told.

Passive method:When the patient has communicated their will against the withdrawal of the life-preserving treatment, yet another person acts against this will.

As a way to see the situation in the world, as you write your essay for euthanasia, it’s easier to look through the countries where either active or passive euthanasia is allowed. The countries that permit active euthanasia include the United States, Colombia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Active euthanasia is forbidden in France, Great Britain, Australia, Israel, Finland, Germany, and Japan.

4 Tips On How to Write a Euthanasia Essay

When you are stuck with your essay or do not know how to start, these helpful writing tips will let you submit your paper easier when you are dealing with this subject and the other controversial topics.

1. Research the topic first and see statistical data to provide the facts in your introduction section.

2. When you have to provide a euthanasia debate essay, include two paragraphs where you discuss the cons and pros of the problem. Keep your tone neutral as your purpose is to offer the facts.

3. Choose at least one discipline or a school of thought as you are writing an essay on euthanasia. It will help you to stay focused and explain your academic sources.

4. Keep your tone respectful and avoid using slang words unless it is a quote.

If you have to provide the pros and cons of euthanasia essay, our experts recommend using a table where you can use three columns (where you use the third column for your analysis or literature review).

Why Euthanasia Essay Examples Help?

If you belong to the Catholic church, certain ethical issues may be extremely difficult to address, which is why turning to an already existing euthanasia essay example will be helpful. You can simply follow the structure and the main facts for the introduction and the topic sentences for your body parts. The only thing that you have to do is to offer your take to make it clear regarding for and against aspects as you list your thoughts. There are also Deontology examples and historical views that will help you to see how things have changed all over the world. So take your time to explore at least one free essay on euthanasia and you will get through this challenging task. We are always ready to help you achieve success!

Controversial Writing Peculiarities

When you must write a controversial piece of writing, explore the essay type you have to complete. Only a personal reflection and debates can be free and can use almost any tone. When you must compose a euthanasia persuasive essay, your tone must be explanatory as you operate with the facts that are both legal and statistical. If you want to include philosophical or biblical aspects, always provide quotes to support your view.


- Why should Euthanasia become banned?

Basically, it is a self-assisted suicide that goes against the Christian views and the moral views. There are also philosophical aspects involved that explain that no one has to take someone’s life under no conditions.

- What are the pros of making euthanasia legal?

Those who believe that euthanasia must be allowed stand for the individual autonomy rights, reduction of the needless suffering, and the psychological reassurance aspect.

The Meaning Of Term Euthanasia And Its Types

Before Addressing the topic of Euthanasia we must first analyze the meaning of the word itself. The word is a combination of two words of Greek origin, EU and Thanatos, the exact meaning is a good death”. Today this word is otherwise known as mercy killing {‘where a person ends the life of another to...
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The Issue Of Euthanasia Legalization In Australia

Euthanasia is often viewed as immoral or unethical, and often, a patient with a terminal illness’s life is much worse than death, as their final days are long and often full of agony and pain. Legalizing euthanasia will give terminally ill patients the freedom to choose, and give them the power in this decision in...
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Arguments Regarding Anti-euthanasia

Are you willing to be the reason to let someone suffer due to your selfish needs? In the game of life and death, most believe that life is the winner. When Euthanasia comes into question it leaves much thinking that death is the viable solution to stop the suffering or the financial burden. Euthanasia in...
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The Necessity Of Euthanasia Legalisation

You’re living a life full of pain and suffering. You’re flat on your back, on a stone-cold bed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have no power over your entire body. You cannot see, hear or speak. You’re just slowly dying; your inner body is slowing down and constantly diminishing. Indeed, even...
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Euthanasia And Its Morals And Values Amongst Society

Euthanasia is the practice of intentional homicide to relieve pain and suffering from the terminally ill. ‘Euthanasia’ translates from the Greek root words ‘Eu’ and ‘Thanatos’ meaning ‘a good death’. In modern times, euthanasia is deciphered as when person A ends the life of person B for person B’s sake. The life is taken for...
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Euthanasia: Pros And Cons

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Types And Ways Of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is defined as an action in which a person asks the doctor to put an end of their life, to relieve from pain and suffering or their final stage of the disease. It is the painless killing of a patient. A doctor most be allowed by law to end a person’s life, most countries,...
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Euthanasia: The Right To Die Should Be A Personal Choice

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Self-Respect and Morality of Euthanasia: Opinion Essay

This essay argues about the morality in the light of euthanasia of incurably ill patients. I argue for euthanasia by means of amplification that all people consume the right to his or her own body and to demise, that demise is a private matter that have to no longer be forbidden via the national, and...
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Christian Views on Euthanasia: Analytical Essay

“Do not be excessively wicked and do not be a fool. Why should you die before your time?” (Ecclesiastes 7:17). Death is an important part to Christians all around the world. They believe that all humans should live their longest life instead of taking their life away earlier than they should. Many people hold different...
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